Synonyms for Prime:


earliest (adjective)
excellent (adjective)
exemplary, ace, classic, excellent, above par, superior, superlative, A 1, fine, splendid, A plus, best, exquisite, select, choice, all-star.
pure (adjective)
essential, uncluttered, plain, formative, basic, primary, elemental, simple, aboriginal, white, guiltless, purebred, decent, atomic, angelic, clean, unsullied, virtuous, undefiled, unadorned, elementary, unalloyed, sinless, pure, nascent, innocent, untarnished, Simon-pure, spotless, austere, basal, faultless, unblemished, indivisible, foundational, fundamental, undiluted, stark, honorable, irreducible, stainless, clear, untainted, chaste, bare, monolithic, immaculate, unadulterated, primal, blameless.


fitting, apt, possible, proper, suitable, convenient, perfect, well-chosen, suited. armorer, armed, brandish, defuse, better, deploy, first class, armament, draw, arm, duel, detonation. bully, a-one, terrific, first-rate, dandy, banner, great, good, brag, predominant, tophole, blue-ribbon, boss, capital, champion, topflight, swell, topnotch, superb. ideal, cardinal, first, foremost, principal, main, major, number one, incomparable, leading, paramount, there is no substitute for something, important, key, chief, second to none. implant, hold sway, motivate, maiden, incline, initial, throw back on, influence, pioneer, predispose, condition, earliest, mold, enter, start. paint, do up, redecorate, render, wallpaper, lay, paper, do over, whitewash. leave/fly the nest, manhood, middle age, the male menopause. beginning. best. beginning; spring (noun)
best part of existence (noun)
best, choice.
principal (noun)
principal, beginning, earliest.


get ready; prepare (verb)
fit, motivate.
prepare (verb)
formulate, marshal, fashion, prepare, set, fit, make, construct, dress, compose, arrange, mobilize, equip, draft, curry, furnish, develop, fabricate, ready, outfit, devise, foster.

Other synonyms:

cardinal, blue-ribbon, predominant, principal, earliest, redecorate, the male menopause, best, topflight, a-one, tophole, topnotch. key, paramount, leading, main, first-rate, maiden, first class, foremost. dandy, champion, do over, wallpaper, major. manhood, great, initial. boss, terrific. whitewash. adulthood
middle age.
Other relevant words:
capital, cardinal, paramount, initial, predominant, leading, main, first-rate, foremost, principal, chief, first, first class, best.

Usage examples for prime

  1. " That is the trouble," Prime called back. – Stranded in Arcady by Francis Lynde
  2. Old Mr. Reinhardt isn't exactly a prime favorite there. – The Bent Twig by Dorothy Canfield
  3. But if so, it becomes at once of prime importance. – Beowulf An Introduction to the Study of the Poem with a Discussion of the Stories of Offa and Finn by R. W. Chambers