Synonyms for Made:


created (adjective)
produced, Constructed.
fashioned (adjective)
formed, built, shaped, finished, invented, manufactured.
fictitious (adjective)
prepared (adjective)
fashioned, fostered, prepared, dressed, Curried, composed, Constructed, Devised, primed, equipped, Mobilized, Drafted, Fitted, formulated, warmed up, outfitted, fabricated, furnished, readied, Marshaled, arranged, developed.


be in the money, be born with a silver spoon in your mouth, be well/badly off, be rolling in money/it, be made (for life). fashioned (noun)
made (noun)
ready-made, successful.
organized crime (noun)
godfather, goodfella, gangster, mobster, the Cosa Nostra, mafioso, the Mafia, the mob, gangland.


caused (verb)
executed, effected, inspired, elicited, motivated, Caused, evoked, gave rise to, Generated, driven, Engineered, provoked, Engendered, given rise to, forced, Acted, produced, brought about, drove, induced, enforced, Originated, Brought.
completed (verb)
created (verb)
invented, Created, conceived.
fathered (verb)
Sired, Procreated, founded.
prepared (verb)
set, Marshalled.
produced (verb)
Fathered, cultivated, Mothered, manufactured.
structured (verb)
formed, built, structured, constituted, framed, shaped.

Other synonyms:

organized crime
godfather, the Cosa Nostra, goodfella, gangster, mobster, gangland, mafioso.

Usage examples for made

  1. I have made up my mind to go on to ... – Six Feet Four by Jackson Gregory
  2. You have made me want to. – The Garden Of Allah by Robert Hichens