Synonyms for Social:


common (adjective)
public, universal.
companionable (adjective)
cordial (adjective)
warm, welcoming.
extroverted (adjective)
friendly (adjective)
good-natured, Warm-hearted, genuine, amiable, spontaneous, welcoming, warm, gregarious, nice.
human (adjective)
mortal, popular, familial, public, folk, human, communal.
national (adjective)
ethnic, political.
pert (adjective)
sociable (adjective)
Familiar, pleasant, convivial, communicative.
social (adjective)
diverting, pleasurable, gregarious, pleasant, informative, communicative, popular, gracious, convivial, nice, hospitable, group, civil, common, polished, mannerly, polite, Familiar, societal, sociable, communal, entertaining, amusing.


chief, political, genteel, philanthropic, humane, born, universal, elite, charitable, mundane, group, good, altruistic, below, racial, material, secular, B-list, A-list, worldly, benevolent, common, above. civil, baby shower, bachelorette party, entertaining, bash, informative, bachelor party, amusing, hospitable, mannerly, block party, polished, afterparty, diverting, pleasurable, all-nighter, banquet, B and S, blowout, polite. connect, assisted living, social security, aid, means test, dole, child benefit, the social, relief, child support, benefit. anthropoid, androgynous, arboreal, captive, Caged, amphibious, aquatic, articulate, asexual, best-of-breed. attitude, living, austere, gracious, inactive, matey, convivial, bohemian, new age, monastic, back-to-nature, fast, enclosed. GPO, the Home Office, the Foreign Office, chancery, the British Council, the BBC, the Inland Revenue, the Land Registry, the DOH, participate, hm. socially, self-imposed, normative, governing. social (noun)
friendly, ethnic, herding, sociable, societal, cultural, gregarious, interpersonal, mixer, swarming.

Other synonyms:

self-imposed, pleasant, normative, matey. convivial, governing. socially. Other relevant words:
charitable, swarming, GPO, participate, civil, living, amiable, chancery, arboreal, benefit, benevolent, Caged, communicative, amusing, good-natured, blowout, convivial, afterparty, spontaneous, aid, anthropoid, communal, polite, A-list, philanthropic, altruistic, best-of-breed, connect, polished, banquet, self-imposed, gracious, secular, bash, relief, inactive, welcoming, herding, material, back-to-nature, Warm-hearted, humane, monastic, genteel, interpersonal, racial, mundane, governing, genuine, worldly, bohemian, fast, normative, all-nighter, matey, dole, pleasant, mannerly, sociable, good, entertaining, pleasurable, austere, above, articulate, aquatic, elite, amphibious, warm, gregarious, socially, societal, ethnic, mixer, attitude, informative, asexual, political, hm, universal, hospitable, group, chief, cultural, friendly, androgynous, Familiar, diverting, enclosed, captive, below, born, nice, B-list, common.

Usage examples for social

  1. She had really forgotten her hunger, as a woman will in the presence of any social interest; but she suddenly thought his going would give her a chance for two words with her daughter, and so she sent him. – April Hopes by William Dean Howells Last Updated: February 27, 2009
  2. The social consequences of what was done simply did not count. – A Grammar of Freethought by Chapman Cohen
  3. " She was always one for social success," Peters reflected. – Here and Hereafter by Barry Pain