Synonyms for Supported:


authoritative (adjective)
backed personally (adjective)
financed, sustained, backed.
defended (adjective)
evidential (adjective)
counter-evidential, demonstrated, substantiated, evidential, proven, witnessed, documented, corroborated, Vouched, Exemplified, certified, confirmed, authentic, Exhibited, established, Testified, validated.
signed (adjective)
supported physically (adjective)
braced, Bolstered, firm, held up.


firm, held up. supported (noun)
dangling, corroborated, founded, verified, buttressed, based, subsidised, based on, nourished, financed, subsidized, endorsed, pendent, braced, supernatant, pendant, in suspension, underslung, backed up, underhung, substantiated, backed, suspended, gimbaled, hanging, fostered.


affirmed (verb)
certified, attested, admitted, pronounced, proclaimed, corroborated, stated, Adjured, professed, asserted, Contended, Submitted, assured, promised, maintained, Averred, approved, endorsed, validated, verified, pledged, expressed, acknowledged, accepted, Avouched, Testified, warranted, affirmed, declared, Propounded, Claimed, ratified, set down.
aided (verb)
attended, funded, Abetted, assisted, sustained, Helped, motivated, fostered, Tended, Ministered, endowed, facilitated, aided, Mothered, relieved, Served, Benefited.
assisted (verb)
favored, Availed, backed, Succored, Upheld.
defended (verb)
Returned, saved, Rebutted, Policed, counterattacked, protected, safeguarded, Retorted, opposed, shielded, Responded, Answered, Averted, covered, Warded, Argued, Defended, backfired, secured, barred, guarded, buffered, barricaded, Fended, countered, Replied, Resisted, sheltered.
evinced (verb)
determined, Vouched, demonstrated, Exemplified, substantiated, observed, established, Indicated, proven, Evinced, documented, authenticated, Exhibited, Adduced, Manifested, deposed, confirmed, witnessed, Betokened, illustrated, Connoted, proved.
ordered (verb)
harmonized, stabilized, Schemed, ordered, classified, arranged, regulated, plotted, Subordinated, Collated, typed, pigeonholed, normalized, framed, programmed, Screened, grouped, fixed, placed, graded, designed, Charted, Rated, Scored, prepared, orchestrated, categorized, Devised, formed, cast, Marshalled, shaped, unified, schematized, separated, Classed, set, adjusted, Righted, stratified, unsnarled, balanced, composed, arrayed, rationalized, controlled, organized, sorted, settled, Methodized, planned, mediated, scheduled, systematized, integrated, Sifted, structured, ranked.
strengthened (verb)
invigorated, toughened, Vivified, hardened, enlivened, fortified, empowered, strengthened, tempered, braced, Energized, reinforced.
substantiated (verb)
proven, confirmed, proved, validated, corroborated, authenticated, verified.
supported (verb)
Bolstered, Hinged, buttressed, Propped, Underpinned.

Other synonyms:

encouraged. Other relevant words:
gimbaled, underhung, subsidised, founded, supernatant, held up, subsidized, based, pendant, firm, hanging, financed, nourished, based on, dangling, underslung, suspended, pendent.

Usage examples for supported

  1. She brought the sad news of the capture of the Leander, with the despatches; but having long before given her over for lost, and being apprehensive for the safety of all on board, the account rather gave me satisfaction, especially as she is said to have well supported the fame of the Nile squadron, though the details of the action are not known. – Memoirs and Correspondence of Admiral Lord de Saumarez, Vol. I by Sir John Ross
  2. Surely so much mischief ought to have satisfied those who supported it; but they required the total destruction of all the West Indian colonies, belonging to Great Britain, to complete the ruin. – The History of the Rise, Progress and Accomplishment of the Abolition of the African Slave-Trade, by the British Parliament (1839) by Thomas Clarkson
  3. Then he supported him out into the zareeba. – The Four Feathers by A. E. W. Mason