Synonyms for Assembly:


police, association, Support Group, flash mobbing, commission, organization, flash mob. arrangement, agglomeration, bale, device, machine, batch, bank, arsenal, battery, equipment. audience, appointment, collect, annual meeting, audioconferencing, get together, colloquium, briefing, muster, AGM. apparatus, bureaucracy, assemble, city hall, city council, capitol hill. connection, integration. act (noun)
assembly (noun)
fabrication, forum, meeting place, gathering, assemblage.
collection (noun)
federation, assortment, bloc, stew, college, formation, council, omnium-gatherum, salad, corps, partnership.
combination (noun)
combination, amalgamation, paste, composition, compound, hodgepodge, medley, mixture, amalgam, concoction, blend, mix, brew, admixture, conglomeration, infusion, alloy, ensemble, incorporation, conglomerate, fusion, composite, commixture.
congregation (noun)
bunch, body, council, group, gathering, flock, meeting, conference, crew, aggregation, company, band, crowd, assemblage, association, faction, collection.
council (noun)
congregation, inquisition, parliament, legislature, cabinet, convention, committee, tribunal, board, congress, summit, conference, court, meeting, symposium, panel, chamber, quorum, forum.
laity (noun)
brethren, layman, communicant, sisters, fold, laywoman, churchwoman, parishioner, churchman.
meeting (noun)
putting together (noun)
attachment, construction, molding, fabrication, adjustment.

Other synonyms:

AGM, annual meeting, appointment, after-school, colloquium, construction, bank, lights-out, audioconferencing, capitol hill, city council, city hall, bureaucracy, extended school, free period, agglomeration, arsenal, battery, briefing, playtime, half-day. apparatus, bale. batch, class, lesson, get together. audience. attachment, connection. attendance
Other relevant words:
adjustment, briefing, audience, construction, gathering, organization, molding, batch, bank, AGM, meeting place, audioconferencing, connection, city council, attachment, association, commission, battery, collect, muster, appointment, arrangement, half-day, colloquium, agglomeration, fabrication, apparatus, get together, class, assemble.

Usage examples for assembly

  1. She found her chair so placed that she was the centre of the gaze of the little assembly – Counsel for the Defense by Leroy Scott
  2. The Queen then arose, smiled and bowed to the assembly and withdrew. – The Sunny Side of Diplomatic Life, 1875-1912 by Lillie DeHegermann-Lindencrone
  3. That was at the Assembly in March. – The Flirt by Booth Tarkington