Synonyms for Induced:


brought about (adjective)
effected, done, Caused, finished.
caused (adjective)
compelled (adjective)
inferred (adjective)
determined, Explained, considered, Discussed, thought, assumed, concluded.
motivated (adjective)
motivated, Energized, triggered, forceful, provoked, driven, stimulated, fired.
persuaded (adjective)
Lured, Cajoled, convinced.


determined, Explained, considered, Discussed, thought, assumed, concluded. brought about (noun)
finished, done.
induced (noun)
iatrogenic, evoked, elicited.


brought (verb)
conducted, drew, Imparted, Adduced, bore, Borne, Carried, drawn, Transported, Transferred, Attracted, Fetched, conveyed.
caused (verb)
effected, forced, made, inspired, enforced, evoked, provoked, produced, given rise to, drove, Brought, brought about, Originated, executed, Generated, driven, Engendered, Acted, motivated, Engineered, gave rise to, Caused, elicited.
coaxed (verb)
seduced, charmed, Implored, Cajoled.
motivated (verb)
Fomented, pitched, catapulted, magnetized, Hastened, Prodded, impelled, Instigated, Flung, Bumped, Propelled, Shoved, moved, fermented, Hurtled, thrust, Slung, Urged, Rammed, Punched, struck, Poked, jolted, nudged, thrown, Hurled, heaved, Pushed, Knocked, Jogged, goaded, stricken, Energized, Jostled, stimulated, Lobbed, triggered, Jerked, Threw, shot, fired, Launched.
persuaded (verb)
Enticed, enlisted, Coaxed, Influenced, sold, allured, Indoctrinated, won over, convinced, Persuaded, Tempted, Swayed.
rewarded (verb)
given, paid, Gave, remunerated, compensated, tipped, treated, honored, Rewarded, Lured, sweetened, Awarded, granted.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
iatrogenic, determined, concluded.

Usage examples for induced

  1. The timid trees which Curtis had planted around the school- house and office were plainly suffering for lack of moisture, and the little gardens which the Indians had once more been induced to plant were in sore distress. – The Captain of the Gray-Horse Troop by Hamlin Garland
  2. If Frank could be induced to come and carry her off from Merle Park and marry her in some manner approved for such occasions, she would stand the risk of getting the money afterwards. – Ayala's Angel by Anthony Trollope
  3. This is not merely that a meaning will be self- induced – Preaching and Paganism by Albert Parker Fitch