Synonyms for Hurried:


fast (adjective)
like mad, fleet.
hasty (adjective)
urgent, fast, speedy, galloping, bustling, impatient, fleet, feverish, swift, hasty, breakneck, dashing, rapid, rushing, quick, flying, brisk, running, darting, abrupt, pelting, breathless.
headlong (adjective)
quick, rushed (adjective)
precipitant, precipitate, headlong, fast, sudden, abrupt, brief, rushing, short, speedy, hasty, breakneck, swift.
very fast (adjective)


quickly (adverb)
like a shot, quickly, in a flash/like a flash/quick as a flash, frenetic, like mad.


surprise, sudden. brief, short, expeditious. hurried (noun)
overhasty, rush, pell-mell, hasty, headlong, precipitate, fast, flying, precipitant, quick, rushed, helter-skelter.
quick (noun)
in a hurry.


expedited (verb)
facilitated, expedited, accelerated, Furthered, Promoted, quickened, advanced, Hastened.
hastened (verb)
Hustled, Flurried, rushed, Urged, Spurred, Sped, Bustled, Pushed.
ran (verb)
run, Jogged, scrambled, Raced, torn, Cantered, dashed, Scampered, scurried, Darted, Sprinted, tore, Trotted, scooted, bounded, Ran, Plunged, Loped, Galloped.
sped (verb)
dashed, rushed, Sped, Galloped.

Other synonyms:

sudden. expeditious. short. brief. precipitate
Other relevant words:
expeditious, headlong, sudden, surprise, short, quickly, pell-mell, overhasty, helter-skelter, brief, precipitate, precipitant, rush, frenetic.

Usage examples for hurried

  1. Then she hurried along the passage to Lavinia's room, which she found empty. – By Veldt and Kopje by William Charles Scully
  2. I dropped the point and hurried on. – The Harbor by Ernest Poole
  3. She felt herself lifted down from the waggon, and hurried along, the police keeping back the crowd, into the open door of the hotel. – Delia Blanchflower by Mrs. Humphry Ward