Synonyms for Impatient:


excitable (adjective)
hasty (adjective)
dashing, fleet, hurried, rushing, galloping, fast, pelting, flying, rapid, darting, brisk, hasty, urgent, breathless, feverish, breakneck, quick, running, bustling, speedy, swift, abrupt.
irritable (adjective)
fretful, troubled, quick-tempered, bothered, irritable, excitable.
sensitive (adjective)
unable, unwilling to wait (adjective)
athirst, irritable, unforbearing, quick-tempered, avid, restless, eager, hasty, abrupt, fretful, thirsty, feverish, intolerant, agog, breathless.
worried (adjective)


be dying for something/to do something, in need of something, in the hope that/of, hungry. fed up, annoyed, mad, cross, excitable, irritated, angry, displeased, put out, upset, belligerent. athirst, solicitous, agog, concern, thirsty, bursting, Thirsting, avid. impatient (noun)
intolerant of, short, restive, unforbearing, raring, impatient of, eager.
restless (noun)

Other synonyms:

athirst, restless, Thirsting, agog. solicitous, thirsty, intolerant. avid, bursting.

Usage examples for impatient

  1. " I was weary and impatient often. – Janet's Love and Service by Margaret M Robertson
  2. He was a bit impatient – The Gay Cockade by Temple Bailey