Synonyms for Easygoing:


all (adjective)
leisurely, easy.
calm (adjective)
peaceful, still, unruffled, even-tempered, placid, moderate, sedate, cool, composed, serene, calm, quiet, collected, relaxed, pacific, tranquil, mild, undisturbed.
cheerful (adjective)
buoyant, jolly, cordial, warm, joyful, friendly, cheerful, congenial, pleasant, bright, amiable, merry, cheery, sparkling, agreeable, glad, lighthearted, complaisant, spirited, pleased, optimistic, lively, genial, affable, jaunty, happy, sunny.
collected (adjective)
complacent, permissive (adjective)
insouciant, informal, collected, complaisant, carefree, mild, laid-back, tranquil, unhurried, even-tempered, placid, calm, serene, casual, undemanding, nonchalant, unconcerned, tolerant, relaxed, moderate, composed.
composed (adjective)
at ease.
indifferent (adjective)
impartial, insouciant, dispassionate, unconcerned, uncaring, cool, unwilling, apathetic, indifferent, passive, detached, neutral, lukewarm, cold, Half-hearted, nonchalant, perfunctory, uninterested, disinterested.
laid-back (adjective)
leisurely (adjective)
relaxed (adjective)
sociable (adjective)
convivial, companionable, amicable, friendly, hearty, folksy, affable, gregarious, neighborly, gabby, hospitable, cordial, chatty, talkative, genial, courteous, amiable, congenial, garrulous, gracious, vivacious, sociable.
unexcitable (adjective)
self-composed, cool, even-tempered, detached, composed, meek, self-controlled, imperturbable, poker-faced, inscrutable, placid, deadpan, unhurried, nonchalant, unflappable, demure, calm, apathetic, numb, serene, cold-blooded, tranquil, stolid, passionless, frigid, impassive, moderate, staid, stoic, dispassionate, neutral, unexcitable, steady, mild, level-headed, stoical, controlled, aloof, reserved.


at one with, chilled. informal, casual, spontaneous, plain, natural, unrestrained, unceremonious, tighten. easygoing (noun)
placid, leisurely, easy, unhurried, mellow, tolerant, relaxed, contented, content, at ease, laid-back, undemanding.


relaxed (verb)

Other synonyms:

unceremonious, chilled. unrestrained, spontaneous. natural. informal
without formality
Other relevant words:
casual, content, unceremonious, leisurely, laid-back, tighten, natural, spontaneous, chilled, easy, tolerant, undemanding, contented, at ease, plain, unrestrained, informal, mellow, carefree.

Usage examples for easygoing

  1. This display of opulence was misleading, for though he did a fairly good business it was known that his easygoing habits and the demands of his large family frequently kept him what Starkfield called " behind." – Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton