Synonyms for Quick:


abrupt (adjective)
rushing, unexpected, precipitous.
active (adjective)
dashing, inventive, bustling.
adept (adjective)
masterly, smooth, masterful.
alert (adjective)
all (adjective)
ready, speedy.
brief (adjective)
cunning (adjective)
scheming, ingenious, skillful, wily, serpentine, slick, artful, cunning, crafty, masterful, shrewd, subtle, wary, witty, calculating, snaky, sly, masterly, designing, feline, clever, smooth, canny, devious, foxy, slippery, sharp, deft, tricky, astute.
excitable (adjective)
fast (adjective)
light-footed, speedy, hasty, expeditious, rapid, rushing, fleet, breakneck, swift, allegro, hurrying, galloping, snappy, like mad, dashing, nimble, presto, fast.
hasty (adjective)
darting, brisk, flying, breakneck, fleet, speedy, mercurial, impetuous, rapid, galloping, bustling, headlong, hasty, feverish, running, urgent, breathless, fast, hurried, pelting, rushing, quick-tempered, swift, rash, impatient, dashing, abrupt.
intelligent (adjective)
bright, keen.
on time (adjective)
punctual (adjective)
immediate, speedy, expeditious, swift, prompt, punctual.
quick (adjective)
brief, snappy, ready, hasty, rapid, breakneck, keen, flying, bright, intelligent, canny, sharp, agile, prompt, discerning, impatient, quick-witted, swift, headlong, clever, wise, active, hurried, apt, nimble, mercurial, slick, spry, fleet, brisk, astute, shrewd, Posthaste, skillful, instantaneous, deft, abrupt, sudden, immediate, expeditious, impetuous, able, adroit.
sharp (adjective)
sudden (adjective)
immediate, hasty, sudden, unexpected, abrupt, instantaneous, precipitous.
very fast (adjective)
witty (adjective)
cunning, canny, facetious, astute, scurrilous, ingenious, adroit, droll, subtle, foxy, jocular, sarcastic, wily, witty, quick-witted, smart, shrewd, waggish, artful, sharp, sly, crafty, sparkling, funny, sophisticated, dry, joking, brilliant, pointed, deft, inventive, comical, intelligent, tricky, urbane, pithy, resourceful, clever, scintillating.


fast (adverb)
like a shot, Posthaste, quickly.
quickly (adverb)
like mad, frenetic, in a flash/like a flash/quick as a flash, like a shot.


clear-sighted, discerning, academic, wise, able. headlong, suddenly, straight, instantly, right now, Posthaste, on-the-spot, straight away, at once. hell-for-leather, at full speed/tilt/throttle, high-speed. ability, facile. keen, Sharp-witted, bright. brief, short. focus, core, heart, hub, root, bottom, start, center. alert (noun)
keen, responsive, apt.
quick (noun)
fast, spry, excitable, hurried, immediate, prompt, intelligent, flying, ready, quickly, warm, promptly, speedy, nimble, active, straightaway, agile.

Other synonyms:

discerning, wise, clear-sighted, hell-for-leather, able, academic. short, Sharp-witted, keen, Posthaste, core, hub. facile, focus. center. brief. bottom, root. heart. swift

Usage examples for quick

  1. Open quick it is I, it is your friend! – My Little Lady by Eleanor Frances Poynter
  2. But if you will only work with me- She stopped with a quick turn of her head. – His Second Wife by Ernest Poole
  3. Oh, pretty quick now. – The Magnetic North by Elizabeth Robins (C. E. Raimond)