Synonyms for Leisurely:


casual, unhurried (adjective)
free, lazy, restful, lax, relaxed, deliberate, slow, easy, languid.
dilatory (adjective)
leisurely (adjective)
deliberate, at loose ends, restful, inactive, at leisure, unhurried, retired, relaxing, convenient, unoccupied, unemployed, easy.
lethargic (adjective)
drugged, listless, indolent, drooping, unhurried, insensible, lifeless, lazy, lackadaisical, slothful, languorous, leaden, languid, dull, lethargic, dopey, apathetic, lumpish, slow, phlegmatic, sluggish, torpid, tired, benumbed.
reposing (adjective)
Resting, Reposing, inactive, relaxed.
slow (adjective)
plodding, lingering, Delaying, creeping, Trudging, dawdling, crawling, dragging, slow, Loitering, slowpoke, phlegmatic, poky, sluggish, lethargic.


casually, unhurriedly (adverb)
languidly, calmly, slowly, deliberately, lazily, gradually, tardily.
moderately (adverb)


moderately (adverb)


lax, sedate, free, stately, steady. calmly, deliberately, tardily, languidly, gradually, hastily, rapidly, slowly, quickly, lazily. measured, fast. leisurely (noun)
easygoing, easy, unhurried, at leisure.

Other synonyms:

stately, sedate. measured. steady. Other relevant words:
calmly, lax, stately, lazily, gradually, tardily, slowly, deliberately, steady, measured, sedate, languidly, easygoing.

Usage examples for leisurely

  1. The friends strolled leisurely along, enjoying the brilliant coloring of the trees, and the beautiful golden sunlight of a late October afternoon. – Peggy Parsons a Hampton Freshman by Annabel Sharp
  2. Mauperin handed it to him in a leisurely way. – Renée Mauperin by Edmond de Goncourt and Jules de Goncourt
  3. Meanwhile, Micky, a red- eyed cigar in a corner of his mouth, had walked leisurely and thoughtfully toward the city. – The Lash by Olin L. Lyman