Synonyms for Exhausted:


consumed (adjective)
devoured, dissipated, consumed, spent, depleted, expended.
extremely tired (adjective)
dog-tired, limp, worn, bleary, drained, wasted, beat, Sapped, weak, Frazzled, tired out, debilitated, bushed, enervated, spent, ready to drop, dead, all in, done in.
fatigued (adjective)
enervated, weary, worn-out, run down, lethargic, tired, ready to drop, dog-tired, Wayworn, Flagged, fatigued, Frazzled, sluggish, sleepy, drowsy.
used up (adjective)
empty, expended, gone, consumed, washed-out, at an end, finished, dissipated, depleted.
weak (adjective)
weary (adjective)
feeble, faint, worn-out, over-weary, uphill, weak, wasted, weary, fatigued, Frazzled, depressed, droopy, trying, blue, listless, toilsome, bored, tired, run down, debilitated, sleepy, limp, drowsy, Wayworn, footsore, apathetic, flaccid, cheerless.


finished, past, up, anymore, at an end, mission accomplished, through, completed, complete. empty, used. bushed, all in, beat, done in, tired out, dead, Weariful, ready to drop, bleary, rundown, health. exhausted (noun)
expended, played out, spent, washed-out, consumed, gone, worn-out, drained, tired, dog-tired, fagged, used-up, depleted, fatigued, evacuated.
tired (noun)
dozy, on your last legs.


consumed (verb)
devoured, dissipated, consumed, spent, depleted, expended.
enervated (verb)
enervated, emptied, tapped, Sapped.
exited (verb)
Issued, Spouted, departed, ran off, run off, exited.
fatigued (verb)
worn down, wore out, tuckered, wore down, worn, Wore, ran down.
lost (verb)
eroded, shrunk, forfeited, dissolved, decreased, lost, misplaced, dispossessed, dropped, Divested, decremented, Shrank, Debited.
rejected (verb)
sheared, evacuated, Belched, scraped, Denied, drained, discarded, barred, Disgorged, Blackballed, cut, Oppugned, discharged, chopped, disapproved, Secreted, Ejaculated, jilted, Excreted, Trashed, vented, Sniped, clipped, Emitted, Excluded, Disallowed, abandoned, lopped, deep-sixed, jettisoned, Ejected, seeped, cropped, junked, Disclaimed, blacklisted, checked, Exuded, Curtailed, Excised, Culled, rejected, Vomited, shedded, Eliminated, Spewed, erupted.

Other synonyms:

completed, empty, anymore, tired out, bushed, finished. rundown, bleary, Weariful, done in. complete, through. dead. past. expired
Other relevant words:
played out, fagged, dog-tired, empty, all in, beat, dead.

Usage examples for exhausted

  1. Then the sick woman seemed quite exhausted and lay upon her bed for some time without speaking or moving. – A Peep Behind the Scenes by Mrs. O. F. Walton
  2. " Give up nothing," I retorted, my temper thoroughly exhausted – My Lady of the North by Randall Parrish
  3. " I had been afraid that it might have exhausted you. – The Captives by Hugh Walpole