Synonyms for Through:


complete (adjective)
thorough, full, entire, sum, final, accomplished, solid, exhaustive, whole, finished, total, complete, unified, universal, unabridged, all, plenary, comprehensive, integral, unsevered, undivided, collective, uncut, conclusive, done, intact.
direct (adjective)
nonstop, constant, regular, one-way, opened, unbroken, rapid, free.
done (adjective)
completed, finished, complete, ended, over.
inserted (adjective)
Infiltrated, inset, Inserted, embedded, Lodged, pierced, implanted, Injected, intruding, Insinuated, Penetrated.
perforated (adjective)
spiked, Speared, stuck, Poked, Penetrated, Skewered, perforated, Punched, needled, bored, pierced, Gouged, Lanced, punctured, drilled.


aboard, bus, board, bookable, book on, booking, afloat, ARR, Booking office, aisle seat. along, after, before, about, in, within, across, apart, ahead, beyond, Into. forensic, effective, enabling, antitrust, extraterritorial, extrajudicial, civil, throughout, common-law, criminal, During, criminally. exhausted, at an end, anymore, past, mission accomplished. intermittent, for the duration, interrupted, rapid, opened, regular, consecutive, unbroken, in the midst of something, at, constant, nonstop, one-way, free, broken. exam, certificate, examiner, borderline, start, cheat sheet, candidate, examination, crib, mock, crib note. mechanised, thus, formal, mechanized, whereby, bottom-up, head-on, Via, top-down. answer, dial, call, call up, busy signal, caller, busy, cut off, call-in, call back. direction (noun)
finished (noun)
ended, over, completed.


between, during (preposition)
past, throughout, in, Into, within, round, about.
by way of (preposition)

Other synonyms:

exhausted, whereby, mechanized, anymore, bottom-up, Via. thus, head-on, throughout, top-down. over, within. past. formal. in. as
Other relevant words:
consecutive, caller, crib, thus, whereby, extrajudicial, about, effective, criminally, forensic, ahead, formal, busy, throughout, rapid, after, in, civil, criminal, part, opened, exhausted, ended, call, Whereas, apart, interrupted, exam, top-down, one-way, over, aboard, at, across, given, round, certificate, anymore, within, nonstop, dial, bus, on account of, completed, at an end, borderline, booking, Because, start, broken, extraterritorial, enabling, regular, mock, past, examiner, Via, unbroken, along, ARR, head-on, candidate, bottom-up, afloat, owing to, board, intermittent, constant, mechanised, antitrust, mechanized, examination, bookable, beyond, due to, answer, free, Into, before, During.

Usage examples for through

  1. He saw through life. – The Mysterious Rider by Zane Grey
  2. " It does not much matter to me," he went on, " if I only get through my work and have done with it. – The Seaboard Parish, Complete by George MacDonald
  3. Through fear of what? – Apology, Crito, and Phaedo of Socrates by Plato