Synonyms for Brilliant:


all (adjective)
bright, superb.
bright (adjective)
radiant, flaring, lustrous, bright, glaring, luminous, sparkling, dazzling, lucent, gleaming, phosphorescent, blazing, incandescent, lurid, shining, glistening, illuminating, lucid, glowing, beaming, glinting, neon, blinding, well lit, shimmering, luminescent, fiery, hued, vivid, radiating, fluorescent, glittering, garish, scintillating, flashing.
colorful (adjective)
gaudy, chromatic, bright-hued, florid, rich, lurid, tinted, stained, inky, colorful, rainbow-like, shaded, spectral, vivid, intense, full-colored, hued, High-colored, dyed, painted, colored, garish.
discriminating (adjective)
effulgent (adjective)
famous, outstanding (adjective)
glorious, magnificent, superb, distinguished, eminent, splendid.
intelligent (adjective)
gifted, sagacious, intellectual, genius, capable, perspicacious, Comprehending, erudite, wise, smart, encyclopedic, sophisticated, knowledgeable, intelligent, astute, cogent, worldly, clever, canny, knowing, bright, profound, sharp, brainy.
light (adjective)
well lit.
sagacious (adjective)
adept, genius, master, intelligent, wise, philosophic, intellectual, sagacious, expert, authoritative, scholarly.
sharp (adjective)
shining, glowing in appearance (adjective)
lambent, effulgent, bright, radiant, luminous, incandescent, gleaming, scintillating, vivid, dazzling, lustrous, sparkling, refulgent, intense, lucent, glittering.
successful (adjective)
leading, successful, triumphant, high-flying, thriving, big, huge.
very intelligent (adjective)
expert, penetrating, ingenious, astute, knowledgeable, gifted, sharp, intellectual, knowing, genius, quick, clever, inventive, quick-witted, discerning, brainy, smart, profound.


AAH, yippee, will wonders never cease?, hooray, GOTCHA, thank God/goodness/heaven(s). glittery, polished, penetrating. able, clear-sighted, lambent, effulgent, Irradiant, light, discerning, lucent, beamy, academic, refulgent. attractive, glary, pleasant, nice, restful, pleasing, lovely, pleasurable, enjoyable, cheerful, relaxing. gorgeous, proud, beautiful, Splendorous. fair, propitious, fortunate, luck, good, benign, favorable, auspicious. ability. brilliant (noun)
impressive, vivid, colorful, reverberant, brainy, splendid, superb, colourful, glorious, intelligent, smart as a whip, superior, bright, magnificent, ringing.
illustrious (noun)
distinguished, eminent.

Other synonyms:

discerning, Splendorous, beamy, lambent, able, polished, refulgent, beautiful, clear-sighted, glary, penetrating, Irradiant, academic, glittery, lucent. distinguished, light. benign, fortunate, auspicious, gorgeous. propitious. favorable. proud. fair. good. luminous
Other relevant words:
distinguished, beamy, refulgent, benign, colourful, effulgent, gorgeous, auspicious, eminent, Irradiant, good, fair, fortunate, polished, favorable, superb, magnificent, superior, propitious, huge, splendid, lovely, light, successful, beautiful, lambent, clear-sighted, penetrating, Splendorous, leading, able, cheerful, lucent, glittery, impressive, thriving, glary, academic, proud, smart as a whip, ringing, reverberant, discerning, glorious.

Usage examples for brilliant

  1. " When the prince says a brilliant thing, it would be a pity to lose it," said the young girl. – Roderick Hudson by Henry James
  2. His second wife is, as you see, a brilliant beauty; she married him in his old age and has surrendered all the glory of her beauty and freedom to him. – Uncle Vanya by Anton Checkov
  3. Other children as brilliant as Bos'n! – Cy Whittaker's Place by Joseph C. Lincoln