Synonyms for Compensated:


all (adjective)
remunerated, stipendiary, salaried.
compensated (adjective)
nullified, balanced, offset, adjusted, neutralized, Canceled, squared, counterbalanced, tuned, Counteracted, corrected.
paid (adjective)
Rewarded, salaried.
restituted (adjective)
settled, refunded, adjusted, squared, redressed, Recompensed, Remedied, offset, Reimbursed, Returned, remunerated, corrected, rectified, Atoned.
rewarded (adjective)


compensated (noun)
salaried, remunerated, paid, stipendiary.


atoned (verb)
redeemed, made amends, Retaliated.
compensated (verb)
offsetted, set.
compromised (verb)
reconciled, settled, Accommodated, mediated, Bargained, conceded, Compromised, appeased, adjusted, Allowed.
paid (verb)
Disbursed, Doled, Deposited, Remitted, Repaid, bankrolled, discharged.
recompensed (verb)
Atoned, rectified, Remedied, Reimbursed, Recompensed, remunerated, refunded, Returned, redressed.
rewarded (verb)
sweetened, Tempted, given, tipped, Rewarded, Awarded, Gave, honored, Enticed, Lured, paid, granted, induced, treated.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
stipendiary, salaried.

Usage examples for compensated

  1. Thus all my trials ended; and, if the beginning of my career was painful and disastrous, the cares and sorrows of Valerie de Chatenoeuf had been more than compensated by the happiness of Valerie de Chavannes. – Valerie by Frederick Marryat
  2. It was very inconvenient their all coming with the children at a few hours' notice, such a large party, but she wrote a pretty note, saying what a pleasure it would be to see her old friends again, and another afterwards, saying what a delight it had been, so that we were quite compensated – Story of My Life, volumes 1-3 by Augustus J. C. Hare