Synonyms for Lowered:


cheap (adjective)
reduced, Depreciated, marked down, slashed.
depressed (adjective)
depressed, decreased, attenuated, debased, sunken.
diminished (adjective)
sheared, tapered, shortened, compressed, mowed, concentrated, condensed, Curtailed, decremented, eroded, Bobbed, abbreviated, lessened, removed, decreased, clipped, reduced, downgraded, Compacted, Leached, abridged, shrunken, Receded, docked, Dwindled, Lightened, deducted, pruned, Pared, dropped, shaved, truncated, trimmed, diminished, depleted, deflated, cropped, weeded, drained, cut, Nipped, contracted.
reduced (adjective)
Discounted, reduced, Snubbed, Deleted, abbreviated, clipped, contracted, mowed, sunk, docked, Bobbed, eroded, cropped, Elided, removed, cut, weeded, Cheapened, pruned, decreased, Pared, bated, Nipped, subtracted, Depreciated, lessened, trimmed, degraded, abridged, sheared, compressed, Abated, Curtailed, drained, diminished, shaved, shortened, deducted, deflated.


lowered (noun)


cheapened (verb)
Cheapened, marked down, devaluated, devalued, degraded, slashed.
decreased (verb)
deducted, shortened, Compacted, lessened, abbreviated, truncated, died down, Receded, concentrated, eroded, Subsided, Abated, compressed, Shrank, Curtailed, deflated, depleted, abridged, decremented, shrunk, decreased, contracted, diminished, drained, Dwindled.
depressed (verb)
sunk, Sank.
descended (verb)
Declined, Slipped, Descended, nose-dived, fallen down, Tumbled, settled, came down, come down, plummeted, Slid, fell down, Toppled, Plunged, slumped.
discounted (verb)
lower (verb)
lowered (verb)
deepened, submerged.
shortened (verb)
subtracted (verb)
deducted, lessened, pruned, reduced, Bobbed, Curtailed, clipped, trimmed, cut, diminished, Deleted, abridged, shaved, subtracted, cropped, docked, weeded, sheared, Pared, Discounted, decreased, Depreciated, Elided.

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Usage examples for lowered

  1. While the audience sat in front of the lowered curtain, waiting for it to go up again, the children behind the curtain were very busy. – Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue Giving a Show by Laura Lee Hope
  2. Muriel raised her great, dark eyes to the doctor and then lowered them to her plate. – Running Sands by Reginald Wright Kauffman
  3. Is the absolute value of the parts in shadow lowered or raised? – Promenades of an Impressionist by James Huneker