Synonyms for Spell:


halloween, the black arts, curse, alchemy, extrasensory perception, ESP, black magic, enchanted. swap, renew, succeed, term, change, replace, make way (for), supersede, give way. force, monopoly, greatness, oligopoly, domination, control, might, fit, authority, power, spasm, illness, leadership. relapse, intend, mean, episode, meaning, flare up, connote, denote, add up to, signify, breakout. space, identify, proclaim, stand for, betray, indicate, symbolize, represent, big. trick, watch, shift, climatic, climate, meteorology, seasonal, temperate, weather, barometer, weather forecast, inning, stretch, zone, stint. delay, countdown, health, day, distance, attack, seizure, access, chapter, block. hand, relieve, handwriting, substitute, cursive, crabbed, longhand, decipher, calligraphy, take over, Graphology, handwritten, illiterate. attack (noun)
seizure, relapse.
duration (noun)
interval, season, epoch, span, measure, cycle, duration, age, course, time, date, aeon, era, interim.
enchant (noun)
bewitch, beguile.
spell (noun)
stretch, time, wand, while, charm, rabbit's foot, incantation, scarab, evil eye, course, trick, magic spell, write, piece, illness, amulet, hoodoo, wishbone, term, jinx, trance, go, stint, philter, fit, abracadabra, talisman, tour, turn, shift, access, season, divining rod, attack, enchantment, import, space, spasm.
state (noun)
trance, enchantment.
time interval (noun)
while, space.
time period (noun)


bewitch (verb)
control, beguile.
communication (verb)
creation (verb)
spell (verb)
signify, import, intend, take over, connote, indicate, add up to, relieve, denote.

Other synonyms:

relieve, meteorology, weather forecast, zone, climatic. seizure, inning, signify, seasonal, shift, bewitch, flare up, barometer, episode, connote. denote, climate, relapse, temperate, breakout. mean, intend, stint, weather, access. space. trick. decode
take over, substitute.

Usage examples for spell

  1. He's well, now, but that long, dark spell of mind left its shadow on him. – The Mysterious Rider by Zane Grey
  2. I seemed to be under a kind of spell – Mary Marie by Eleanor H. Porter