Synonyms for Accumulate:


swell, cull, scrape together, grow, expand, buy up. hive. accumulate (noun)
gather, conglomerate, compile, collect, amass, hoard, cumulate, pile up.


acquire (verb)
procure, win, amass, fetch, receive, catch, assume, obtain, pocket, claim, garner, wrangle, secure, purchase, score, lure, take, palm, get, net, buy, corner, capture, reap, incur, harvest, retrieve, collect, heap, bag, land.
add (verb)
increment, tally, attain, sum, add, total, increase, augment, accrue, aggregate, annex, acquire.
arrive (verb)
roll in.
gather or amass something (verb)
heap, concentrate, gather, unite, accrue, pile, cache, mass, collect, add to, aggregate, expand, grow, increase, pile up, procure, acquire, hoard, store, stockpile, compile, cumulate, swell, agglomerate, amalgamate, profit, incorporate.
possession (verb)
pile up, amass, collect, compile, hoard.
store (verb)
stockpile, bank, archive, hoard, cache, save, store.

Other synonyms:

grow, scrape together, agglomerate, concentrate. hive, cull. Other relevant words:
muster, raise, build up, buy up, incorporate, mass, unite, compile, accrue, gather, profit, go up, add to, swell, conglomerate, agglomerate, hive, pile up, concentrate, pile, cumulate, grow, cull, amalgamate, scrape together, expand.

Usage examples for accumulate

  1. Legends accumulate here around the persons of Arthur and his knights. – The Towns of Roman Britain by James Oliver Bevan