Synonyms for Deed:


course, move, demonstration, commission. certificate, lease, agreement, clause, brief, affidavit, covenant, criminal record, instrument, voucher, document, record, charter, release, codicil, article, indenture, conveyance, warranty, bond, security. thing, DO. achievement (noun)
commission, adventure, feat, performance, enterprise, DO, thing, action, exploit.
act (noun)
action (noun)
effort, conduct, practice, behavior, activity, enterprise, performance, movement, action, motion, endeavor, labor, operation, exercise.
communication (noun)
deed of conveyance, title.
deed (noun)
effort, exploit, deed of conveyance, feat, title.
endeavor (noun)
assay, adventure, purpose, essay, proceeding, aim, attempt, gambit, undertaking, production, engagement, contract, exploit, venture, project, approach, job, commitment, maneuver.
indenture (noun)
legal paper assigning property; contract (noun)
covenant, warranty, instrument, security, record, title, conveyance, indenture, lease, certificate, voucher, agreement, document, release, charter.
venture (noun)
initiative, scheme, procedure, feat, task, campaign, affair, pursuit.
written communication (noun)

Other synonyms:

demonstration. course, move. thing. declaration
Other relevant words:
commission, move, action, warranty, indenture, certificate, title, conveyance, covenant, deed of conveyance, release, thing, charter, course, bond, record, document, DO, affidavit, codicil, instrument, voucher, lease, agreement, security.

Usage examples for deed

  1. On the desk in there lay the deed – Jerusalem by Selma Lagerlöf
  2. The heart of the man was glad and he smiled at the thought of the deed he had done that afternoon. – Clover and Blue Grass by Eliza Calvert Hall
  3. But this bloody deed was done at home, and almost in the sight of all Paris. – The History of Napoleon Buonaparte by John Gibson Lockhart