Synonyms for Mandate:


amendment, codify, abolish, abrogate, bring in, criminalize, come in, amend, decriminalize, backdate. autocracy, caretaker government, injunction, autarky, coalition, instruction, word, autonomy, bidding, anarchy, directive, over, behest, absolutism, Centralism, big government, banana republic, words. acquittal, annul, acquit, call for, award, bar, bring in a verdict, competency, ability, competence, citation. elect, by election, campaign, chad, electioneering, beauty contest, advance poll, disenfranchise, direct elections, election. permit, approve, empower, grant, say yes, authorize, give/get the go-ahead, allow, tolerate. leadership, oligopoly, greatness, monopoly. authority (noun)
credential, might, influence, enfranchisement, force, power, privilege, superiority, domination, license, rank, seniority, sovereignty, faculty, punch, authority, stature, birthright, kingship, charge, potency, prerogative, office, Prepotency, steam, strength, primacy, powerfulness, precedence, command, right, empowerment, cogency, purview, clout, puissance, prestige, commission, entitlement, mightiness, control, sway, title, mastery.
authority, order (noun)
bidding, commission, word, injunction, behest, dictate, instruction, imperative, authorization, fiat, charge, directive, command.
command (noun)
prowess, reign, grasp, rule, supremacy, management, will, law, direction, government, coordination, discipline, hold, grip.
instruction (noun)
location (noun)
mandate (noun)
authorization, mandatory, authorisation.
obligation (noun)
necessity, constraint, inexorability, must, obligation, demand, requirement, compulsion, need.
requirement (noun)
imperative, condition, inevitability, stipulation, requisite, prerequisite, proviso.
word (noun)


compel (verb)
foment, intimidate, press, motivate, push, cause, propel, oblige, dragoon, bully, incite, daunt, spark, browbeat, bulldoze, nag, stress, dictate, urge, galvanize, impel, hijack, drive, coerce, goad, stimulate, pressure.
require (verb)
bind, require, constrain, compel, obligate, stipulate.

Other synonyms:

directive, empower, authorize. approve, permit, competency, behest, grant, tolerate. competence. bidding, instruction, allow. word. approve
empower, permit.
Other relevant words:
annul, ability, absolutism, word, abolish, authorize, Centralism, authorisation, award, authorization, approve, tolerate, election, over, grant, amend, bidding, empower, directive, greatness, chad, electioneering, leadership, permit, behest, disenfranchise, competency, oligopoly, competence, citation, instruction, mandatory, coalition, injunction, autocracy, abrogate, autonomy, decriminalize, campaign, elect, acquittal, bar, allow, codify, criminalize, fiat, backdate, autarky, monopoly, amendment, words, anarchy, acquit.

Usage examples for mandate

  1. So Arden enter'd, and thus spoke; the while His restless eye belied his ready smile: " Return'd, I find thy mandate and attend To hear a mystery, or to serve a friend." – The Poetical Works of Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton, Bart. M.P. by Edward Bulwer Lytton