Synonyms for Elimination:


foul play, genocide, fratricide, euthanasia, culpable homicide, contract, butchery, HIT. disqualification, drubbing, revenge, demolition, defeat, avoidance, beating, fall, hammering, rout. displacement, clearance, purge, extraction, keep, removable, dispersion. disposal, jettison, dumping. purgation, catharsis. act (noun)
annulment (noun)
abolition, destruction, dissolution, Extinguishment, cancellation, disavowal, nullification, negation, retraction, invalidation, Disaffirmation, annulment, neutralization, abnegation, dismissal, revocation, abolishment, refutation, undoing, withdrawal, obliteration, Disclamation, divorce, deletion.
destruction (noun)
discharge (noun)
elimination (noun)
excretion, evacuation, riddance, liquidation, reasoning by elimination, voiding, excreting.
exclusion (noun)
expatriation, forbiddance, disbarment, excommunication, excision, removal, abscission, extradition, boycott, exile, prohibition, ostracism, amputation, relegation, proscription, ban, banishment, renouncement, deportation.
excretion (noun)
evacuation, excretion, secretion, emission, ejaculation, discharge, effusion, extravasation, exudation, transudation.
expulsion (noun)
killing (noun)
hanging, extermination, Dispatching, Snuffing, liquidation, slaughter, strangulation, slaying, asphyxiation, execution, assassination, manslaughter, butchering, purging, massacre.
obliteration (noun)
censorship, erasure, annihilation, expurgation.
rejection (noun)
expulsion, blacklisting, Blackballing, rejection, denial, repudiation, Disallowance, eradication, exclusion, ejection, curtailment, disapproval, abandonment.
removal (noun)
exclusion, expulsion, riddance, eradication, ejection, destruction, displacement, extermination, rejection, withdrawal.
seclusion (noun)
loneliness, seclusion, confinement, extirpation, detachment, xenophobia, alienation, misanthropy, apartheid, isolation, separation, segregation, aloneness, standoffishness, solitude, aloofness, anonymity, Reclusion, captivity.

Other synonyms:

dumping, euthanasia, revenge, removable, drubbing, genocide, culpable homicide, demolition, dispersion, butchery, extraction. foul play, beating, purgation, fratricide, hammering, rout, catharsis. displacement, clearance. disposal, contract. purge. HIT, fall. elimination
Other relevant words:
dumping, removable, HIT, defeat, revenge, euthanasia, disqualification, fratricide, disposal, beating, clearance, purge, reasoning by elimination, rout, butchery, drubbing, foul play, keep, demolition, jettison, contract, purgation, catharsis, avoidance, voiding, riddance, displacement, extraction, fall, genocide, excreting, hammering, dispersion.

Usage examples for elimination

  1. Since I have proposeed the elimination of some of the coarser portions of Deuteronomy, I wish to add the testimony of Stevens in his " Scripture Speculations," as to the general morality of this ancient code. – The Woman's Bible Part I. Comments on Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Part II. Comments on the Old and New Testaments from Joshua to Revelation. by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  2. He then demands a careful selection of the subject matter, which in our American schools would mean the elimination of propositions that are not basal, that is, that are not used for most of the exercises that one naturally meets in elementary geometry and in applied work. – The Teaching of Geometry by David Eugene Smith