Synonyms for Bend:


circuit training, the burn, calisthenics, bodybuilding, chin up, boxercise, aerobic, aerobics, aquarobics. rotate, swing, revolve, swirl, circle. end, divide, hump, connect, extend, ascend, branch off, hunch, posture, carry, bifurcate. bestride, double over, help, cower, give, balance, crane, burrow. buckle down, focus, address, fade, devote, bathe, collect, flood, reflect, waver, catch, apply, filter, concentrate, dedicate, direct. kick, stretch, fold your arms/hands, reach out, wave, close, spread, open. cloverleaf, bike lane, central reservation, corner, carpool lane, chicane, bicycle lane, connection. angle (noun)
flexure, corner.
artifact (noun)
curve, Bend Dexter.
bend (noun)
crease, Bend Dexter, twist, crook, turn, crimp, flex, deflect, curve, bending, fold, deform, flexure, plication, turn away.
curvature (noun)
parabola, arch, roundedness, curvature.
curve (noun)
bending, angle, twist, arc, round, turn, bow, sag, curvature, corner, crook, hook, parabola, flexure.
deformity (noun)
crookedness, deformity, freakishness, contortion, irregularity, flaw, asymmetry, disfigurement, lopsidedness, perversity, corruption, distortion.
plication (noun)
shape (noun)
turn, twist, crook.


bend (verb)
deflect, contort, refract, twist, warp, flex.
comply (verb)
bow, genuflect, obey, consent, succumb, assent, cede, conform, submit, capitulate, knuckle under, cave, kowtow, comply, agree, observe, respect, yield, adhere, fulfill, concur, acquiesce, defer, accept, surrender.
curve (verb)
sweep, swerve, hang, curve, hook, sag, camber, crook, round.
deform (verb)
deform, corrupt, distort, mangle, pervert, disfigure.
form or cause a curve (verb)
circle, arch, waver, camber, pervert, warp, contort, swerve, deflect, crimp, curl, flex, genuflect, deform.
motion (verb)
persuade; influence (verb)
submit, direct, yield, shape.

Other synonyms:

crane, aerobics, calisthenics, branch off, bifurcate, chin up, burrow, waver, bestride, circuit training, chicane, bodybuilding, bike lane, cower, central reservation, double over, bicycle lane, boxercise, carpool lane, reach out, aquarobics. reflect, reshape, cloverleaf, arc, curl, hunch, aerobic, angle, devote. dedicate, fade, corner, give, bathe. divide, open up, concentrate, shape, ascend. focus, connect. end, extend, connection, flood, apply. form, kick, filter, stretch, direct. address. wave. balance. spread. catch. open. close. bend dexter
Bend Dexter.

Usage examples for bend

  1. Now bend down and kiss me, and bid me farewell. – Montezuma's Daughter by H. Rider Haggard
  2. It was time for lunch when they at length arrived at the well- remembered bend on the creek. – A Little Bush Maid by Mary Grant Bruce
  3. Now I came to a slight bend in the road. – Over Prairie Trails by Frederick Philip Grove