Synonyms for Pay:


profitability, commercial, arbitrage, interest, disbursement, boom, commercialism, consideration, perquisite, speculation, speculative, proceeds, rake off, reparation, indemnity, expense. living, rise, in the service of, performance-related pay, employed, starvation wages, minimum wage, in the employ of, income, engaged by. pay out, bear the cost/expense etc., invest in, finance. compound, liquidation, amortize, forgive, default, incur, requite. come under, lay out, undergo, shell out, spend, fork out, save, be in the grip of something, be in dire/desperate straits, outlay, go through, not know where/which way to turn. come in useful, go a long way toward doing something, be worth someone's while, be of use, something has something to recommend it, square, clear, come in handy, satisfy. wreak, get even with, get back at, forgiveness, avenge, even the score, take an eye for an eye, vindicate. earnings from employment (noun)
reward, income, commission, reimbursement, perquisite, consideration, indemnity, meed, remuneration, satisfaction, settlement, reparation, wage, salary, reckoning, proceeds.
indemnity (noun)
pay (noun)
salary, remuneration, pay up, yield, wage, devote, make up, earnings, ante up, bear, give.
payment (noun)
emolument, remuneration.
possession (noun)
remuneration, wage, salary, earnings.
wages (noun)
emolument, meed, time, reckoning, commission, reimbursement, indemnity, settlement, consideration, satisfaction.


be advantageous (verb)
communication (verb)
get revenge (verb)
give (verb)
present, dispense, lavish, allot, shower, attribute, endow, send, expend, supply, deliver, extend, donate, devote, furnish, grant, bestow, lend, ration, submit, assist, pledge, allow, consign, impart, serve, disburse, dole, award, assign, share, provide, bequeath, contribute, tender, ascribe, render, give, fund, offer, help.
give money for goods, services (verb)
remunerate, repay, discharge, extend, requite, offer, disburse, present, bestow, settle, render, remit, honor, reimburse, satisfy, grant, compensate, clear, refund, bequeath.
pay (verb)
meed, refund, Retribute, reimburse, bankroll, remit, money, settle, discharge, repay.
possession (verb)
bear, yield.
profit, yield (verb)
pay out, sweeten, produce, bring in.
reward (verb)
sweeten, reward, remunerate, tip, tempt, honor, treat, induce, compensate, entice, lure.

Other synonyms:

rake off, commercialism, per diem, living, profitability, minimum wage, boom, earnings-related, indemnity, Overpaid, low-paid, spend, fork out, starvation wages, performance-related pay, commercial, arbitrage, speculation, pay out. speculative, settlement, bring in. hourly, produce, paid, go through, square. realize, rise, reckoning, commission. gain. consideration. draw. chip in
ante up.
pay up.
earnings, income.
fork out, pay out, expend.
pay for
shell out.
even the score, take an eye for an eye.
shell out
shell out.

Usage examples for pay

  1. All this came out of his pay – The Story of General Gordon by Jeanie Lang
  2. He's got to make it all up out of his pay he has nothing else." – 'Laramie;' or, The Queen of Bedlam. by Charles King
  3. My people have just sent me more money than I shall use this year, and you can pay me back when you like. – Godfrey Marten, Undergraduate by Charles Turley