Synonyms for Excuse:


attend, enroll, drop out, audit, attendance, absenteeism, entrance, board, enrollment, absence. subterfuge, water under the bridge, make (your) peace (with someone), let something go, make allowance/allowances (for), trick. point, forgiveness, in justification of something, occasion, motivation, cause, ground, motive. authorize, say yes, empower, mandate, grant, right, approve, allow, give/get the go-ahead. account for, dispense, put down to, spare, answer to, argue. bend the rules (for someone), bend/stretch the rules, stretch. answer (noun)
riposte, echo, acknowledgment, counter-statement, comeback, rejoinder, counter-reply, reply, surrebuttal, rebuttal, return, countercharge, counter-accusation, response, answer, counterclaim, explanation, replication, retort.
chance (noun)
dismissal (noun)
immunity, concession, relief, amnesty, license, reprieve, exemption, pardon, absolution, dismissal, release, dispensation, freedom, liberty, permission, stay, discharge, privilege, waiver, exception.
excuse (noun)
apology, rationalise, beg off, alibi, explain, relieve, exculpation, exempt, apologise, pardon, self-justification, apologize, condone, rationalize.
forgiveness (noun)
makeshift (noun)
inferior example, sorry specimen, mediocrity, substitute.
plea (noun)
petition, suit, appeal, entreaty.
pretext (noun)
plea, claim, red herring, rationale, white lie, reason, alibi, stratagem, affirmation, loop-hole, smoke screen, pretext, pretense.
reason, explanation (noun)
defense, subterfuge, justification, pretext, plea, substitute, apology, alibi, trick.
response (noun)
defense, justification, refutation, objection, reaction, denial.


acquit (verb)
clear, defray, exculpate, vindicate, dismiss, free, acquit, liberate, exonerate, absolve, forgive.
communication (verb)
explain, pardon.
dismiss (verb)
except, permit, relieve, exempt, dispel.
forgive (verb)
tolerate, forbear, show mercy, remit, overlook, condone, forget, relent.
forgive, absolve; justify (verb)
exculpate, condone, free, clear, rationalize, exonerate, pardon, forgive, remit, spare, overlook, mitigate, acquit, discharge, vindicate, liberate, explain, tolerate, relieve, reprieve, release, exempt.
plead (verb)
justify, plead, allege, beg.
pleading (verb)
vindicate (verb)
mitigate, refute, apologize, avenge.

Other synonyms:

argue, put down to. motivation, occasion, answer to, motive, forgiveness. cause, spare. dispense. point. ground. stretch. forgive

Usage examples for excuse

  1. Excuse me to- day; there comes my knight. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. Excuse me, I can't sit still and see it. – Cecil Castlemaine's Gage, Lady Marabout's Troubles, and Other Stories by Ouida