Synonyms for Closing:


approaching (adjective)
forthcoming, near, nearby, imminent, expected, impending, advancing, approaching, coming, Looming, proximate, converging.
final (adjective)
conclusive, decisive, last, final, concluding.
following (adjective)
descending, outcome, trailing, posterior, following, consequent, lagging.
last (adjective)
concluding, finishing, last, final, complete, Culminating, winding up, ending, terminal, exiting, Terminating, Capping.


deciding, crowning, at long last, eventual. act (noun)
closing (noun)
closure, conclusion, concluding, closedown, end, mop up, year-end, terminal, close, culmination, terminative, final, ending, last, windup, shutting, completion, shutdown.
end (noun)
checkmate, termination, completion, closure, end, cessation, ending, finis, death, terminal, finish, close, culmination, exit, conclusion, demise, finale, halt, accomplishment, expiration, windup.


approaching (verb)
approaching, coming, converging, advancing, impending, Nearing, accessing, Looming, Gaining.
ceasing (verb)
halting, Pausing, stopping, Remitting, ending, Abandoning, Refraining, breaking, Desisting, Staying, Terminating, Suspending, Quitting, Ceasing, Discontinuing, Culminating, Interrupting.
closing (verb)
fastening, Latching, jamming, shutting, locking, Securing, blocking, Bolting, sealing, joining, Barricading.
completing (verb)
completing, integrating, Fulfilling, arriving, Graduating, finalizing, finishing, Achieving, concluding, Consummating, Accomplishing, unifying, filling, executing.
ending (verb)
Checkmating, dying, exiting, Deceasing, Capping, passing away, passing on, winding up, wrapping up, expiring.
plugging (verb)
corking, covering, Plugging, tapping, Bunging.

Other synonyms:

balloon mortgage, eventual, building society, bridge loan, blockbusting, crowning. appraisal. appraise. chain. Other relevant words:
chain, year-end, closedown, mop up, crowning, blockbusting, appraisal, terminative, eventual, closure, shutdown.

Usage examples for closing

  1. Then he and Hugh turned and fled, the crowd opening and closing so quickly that there was no clue to the course they had taken. – The World's Greatest Books, Vol III by Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, Eds.
  2. He was so sleepy, too, that his eyes kept closing every minute. – Two Boys and a Fortune by Matthew White, Jr.
  3. " It is the truth," said Jessup, closing his eyes. – Norston's Rest by Ann S. Stephens