Synonyms for Snug:


comfortable (adjective)
comfy, Easeful.
content (adjective)
complacent, comfortable, at ease, serene, satisfied, easy, contend.
cozy, warm (adjective)
easy, Easeful, neat, tight, homelike, compact, close, soft, comfortable, sheltered, comfy, trim.
homey (adjective)
tight (adjective)
rigid, stiff, taut, firm, secure, tight, dense, tense.


brief, best, button-down, button-through, backless, baggy, boot-cut, A-LINE, casual, Clingy. bathroom, ballroom, chamber, coat check, apartment, auditorium, coatroom, clubhouse, checkroom, cloakroom. brownstone, beachfront, burned-out, trim, appointed, baronial, colonial, cavernous, carbuncle, carpeted. good, salubrious, soft, folksy, luxurious, Easeful, civilized, warm. orderly, order, shipshape, well-groomed, clean, neat, trig, tidy, spick-and-span, spruce. crowded, narrow, cramped, tighten. nestle, nuzzle, cuddle, snuggle. cozy (noun)
homelike, sheltered, compact.
snug (noun)
cosy, tight, cubby, secure, cozy, comfy, close, protected, close-fitting, cubbyhole, comfortable, snuggery.

Other synonyms:

shipshape, spick-and-span, salubrious, Easeful. folksy, crowded, nestle, well-groomed, civilized, cramped, trig, tidy, nuzzle, snuggle. neat, orderly. cuddle. narrow, spruce. soft. compressed
Other relevant words:
cubby, salubrious, cramped, crowded, trim, cosy, compact, nuzzle, spruce, shipshape, luxurious, cozy, neat, cuddle, well-groomed, snuggery, soft, snuggle, close, Easeful, warm, tidy, nestle, comfy, brief, homelike, casual, sheltered, protected, close-fitting, spick-and-span, orderly, cubbyhole, narrow, trig.

Usage examples for snug

  1. Under this system men have started without any capital, and in a few years possessed a plant worth several hundred pounds, together with a snug banking account to their credit. – Wheat Growing in Australia by Australia Department of External Affairs
  2. They're deposited, snug and safe, at my bankers, and if you'll get a cab, we'll drive there and get them!" – The Rayner-Slade Amalgamation by J. S. Fletcher
  3. Yes, it was a snug room enough, once in nice order; and the first thing to do, she decided, was to put it in nice order. – A Letter of Credit by Susan Warner