Synonyms for Branch:


bureau, affiliate, category, department, core, commissioner, subsidiary, tributary, derivative, dependency, classification, academician, chapter, confederate, wing, alumnus, arriviste, charter member, outpost, office, associate, member, baby. bud, departmental, divisional, twig, customer services, sprig, scion, back office, acquisitions, bough. corp, corporation, administration (of an estate), customs, discipline, specialty, directorate, the civil service. ancestry, family tree, descendant, descent, Fathers, antecedents, forebear, ancestor, forbear. area, domain, field, realm, territory, organ, line, sphere, scene, agency. brook, dry, creek, disassemble, take apart, take down, screen off, break down, run. bed, bight, bottom, channel, subdivide, cataract, cascade, diverge, confluence, backwater. bark, blossom, crown, bole, chloroplast, corm, catkin, fig leaf. arm, limb (noun)
offshoot, sprig, bough, fork, scion.
bisection (noun)
bisection, division, cleavage, dichotomy, halfway, hemisphere, half-and-half, bifurcation, half.
branch (noun)
fork, arm, ramify, ramification, offshoot, furcate, outgrowth, limb, leg, subdivision, offset, separate.
branch off (noun)
furcate, fork, divide, bifurcate, diverge, separate.
branch out (noun)
subdivide, ramify.
department (noun)
classification, part, subdivision, dependency, chapter, division, derivative, wing, bureau, office, subsidiary, category, member, tributary, outpost, connection, arm.
group (noun)
subdivision, arm.
junction (noun)
affixation, conjunction, relationship, meeting, wedding, bond, connection, juxtaposition, marriage, coupling, connectedness, junction, abutment, adherence, synergy, annexation, merger, alliance, juncture, splice, affiliation, jointure, adjacency, amalgamation, consolidation, attachment.
limb (noun)
ramification (noun)


change (verb)
halve (verb)
cut, rupture, sever, fissure, cleave, halve, fork, tear, bifurcate, rend, slit, bisect, part, split, rip, divide, axe.

Other synonyms:

acquisitions, confederate, disassemble, alumnus, catkin, customer services, member, screen off, family tree, divisional, fig leaf, ancestry, academician, back office, bight, baby, forebear, charter member, subdivide, corm, arriviste, descendant, the civil service, core, take down, bole, departmental. backwater, creek, directorate, associate, diverge, department, ancestor, take apart, corporation, cataract, brook, confluence, blossom. bottom, descent, cascade, break down. agency, specialty, discipline, bark. bed, organ, administration (of an estate). channel. crown. wing. line. branch
twig, offshoot.

Usage examples for branch

  1. Slavery must disappear, root and branch at once and forever. – The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus by American Anti-Slavery Society
  2. He heard a step upon the sand- the putting by of a branch – Foes by Mary Johnston
  3. Never heard of such a thing in our branch of the family. – The Joyous Story of Toto by Laura E. Richards