Synonyms for Dependency:


dictatorship, protectorate, yoke, democracy, republic, autarky, federation, monarchy, oligarchy, nation, country. dominion, province, territory, mandate. politics, possession. area (noun)
dependency (noun)
addiction, dependence, habituation, dependance.
inferiority (noun)
subservience, inferiority, subordination.
relation (noun)
pertinence, analogy, relation, correlation, affiliation, association, connection.
reliance (noun)
addiction, dependence.

Other synonyms:

possession. territory. Other relevant words:
dependence, addiction, possession, dependance, protectorate, territory, province, habituation, mandate.

Usage examples for dependency

  1. Caesar's messenger, Proculeius, whom Antony has told her to trust, promises her everything in return for her " sweet dependency – The Man Shakespeare by Frank Harris