Synonyms for Buff:


sandy color (adjective)
lemon, straw, ecru, tan, tawny, canary.
yellow (adjective)
sandy, amber, champagne, sallow, dandelion, gilded, crocus, primrose, honey, saffron, mustard, yellow, sunshine, Aurin, buttery, Xanthic, straw, lemon, sunny, golden, tawny, sulfur, canary, citron, chartreuse, gold, goldenrod, jaundiced, ecru, jasmine, fallow, Flaxen, honey-colored, maize, Cream-colored.


fine, normal, well, robust, spry, vigorous, fit, strong, healthy, able-bodied. intellectual, observer, sleek, polish, gloss, light, pundit, glaze, shine, the intelligentsia, veteran. dab, rub out, rub, wipe, finish, scour, scrub. admirer (noun)
lover, fancier.
artifact (noun)
authority (noun)
beige (noun)
buff (noun)
buffet, caramel, burnish, caramel brown, buffer, flush, furbish, devotee, yellowish brown, raw sienna, fan, afficionado, chromatic, lover.
colors (noun)
aqua, black, tan, blue, bronze, ocher, aquamarine, brown, biscuit, apricot.
enthusiast (noun)
fan, connoisseur, aficionado, nut, fiend, devotee, fancier, freak, enthusiast, zealot, addict, supporter, patron, expert, lover.
expert (noun)
journeyman, authority, adept, specialist, master, professional, whiz, artist, genius, consultant, sophisticate, pro, maven, technician, wizard, expert, crackerjack.
person (noun)
devotee, fan, lover.
tan (noun)
brownish yellow, tan, ocher, brown.
yellow (noun)


contact (verb)
polish to a shine (verb)
burnish, gloss, glaze, shine, furbish, rub, scour.

Other synonyms:

scour, polish. shine, rub out. finish, sleek, wipe. dab. rub.

Usage examples for buff

  1. My Brother was also honourable upon the same score; for though he wore a short Buff Waiscoat without Skirts according to the Fashions of those Times, and which might have deadened a Push, yet he threw it off and put himself upon the Level with his Adversary in all respects, so to it they went. – Memoirs of Major Alexander Ramkins (1718) by Daniel Defoe
  2. Its soft tints of buff sulphur, and primrose; its dazzling shades of apricot, salmon, orange, and vermilion are always a fresh revelation of color. – Wild Flowers Worth Knowing by Neltje Blanchan et al
  3. It may be that Mr. Talboys' complexion faded to a paler shade of buff as Robert said this; but he only elevated his bristling gray eyebrows and shook his head gently. – Lady Audley's Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon