Synonyms for Torture:


kick around, reject, mistreat, shove around, grind down, oppress, hit out, do someone wrong, trample. living hell, neuralgia, EINA, reward. dismay, disturb, upset, devastate, depress, woe, wretchedness, happy, hang over, worry. hell (noun)
living hell.
pain (noun)
injury, bruise, discomfort, wound, ache, chafing, throb, inflammation, infliction, stab, throe, affliction, pang, crick, burn, grief, misery, headache, Back Ache, suffering, pain, agony, torment, anguish, gripe, sting, painfulness, wrench, bite, spasm, sore, distress, malaise, Migraine, stitch, rack, smarting, irritation, earache, hurt, cramp.
painfulness (noun)
severity, irksomeness, offensiveness, unpleasantness, hurtfulness, odiousness, arduousness, aggravation, soreness, oppressiveness, grievousness, cruelty, annoyingness, acuteness, woefulness, bitterness, uncomfortableness, distressfulness.
penalty (noun)
punishment (noun)
incarceration, crucifixion, confinement, revenge, castigation, retribution, persecution, imprisonment, price, chastisement, judgment, penalty, punishment, correction, forfeiture, payment, execution, reprisal, verdict.
severe mental or physical pain (noun)
martyrdom, misery, affliction, anguish, suffering, crucifixion, ache, agony, rack, dolor, persecution, distress, Cruciation, pang, torment, tribulation.
torture (noun)
distortion, excruciate, rack, anguish, agony, straining, twisting, overrefinement, Torturing., torment.
violence (noun)
fierceness, fracas, barbarity, rage, atrocity, savagery, attack, brutishness, fury, wildness, brutality, thuggery, broil, assault, vandalism, destructiveness, outrage, terrorism, brawl, ferocity, turmoil, inhumanity, abuse, uproar, fight, frenzy, violence, intensity, vehemence, insurrection, commotion.


pain (verb)
inflame, afflict, agonize, smart, suffer, chafe, irritate.
punish (verb)
fine, judge, crucify, castigate, incarcerate, penalize, punish, chasten, discipline, confine, chastise, sentence, avenge, persecute, reprise, correct, imprison, burden, Keelhaul, lambaste, execute, pillory, try.
upset or hurt severely (verb)
crucify, afflict, mistreat, wound, oppress, excruciate, persecute, try, agonize, irritate, abuse, disturb, pain.

Other synonyms:

living hell. wretchedness, woe. torment
Other relevant words:
martyrdom, worry, upset, oppress, excruciate, wretchedness, dolor, tribulation, woe, mistreat, overrefinement, Cruciation, living hell, disturb, straining, twisting, distortion.

Usage examples for torture

  1. He heard them saying from above that they were going to torture him. – Studies in Forensic Psychiatry by Bernard Glueck
  2. Torture of joy to hold in a man's arms! – 54-40 or Fight by Emerson Hough
  3. He loves to torture me- and he knows how. – It Happened in Egypt by C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson