Synonyms for Pillory:


slate, bash, decry, jab, cry foul, condemn, bring/call/hold someone to account, lambast. corporal punishment, flog, flogging, hiding, the birch, beating. pillory (noun)
stocks, crucify, savage, gibbet.
prison (noun)
coop, handcuff, stockade, pinion, bridle, pen, oubliette, straight jacket, fence, jail, tether, irons, reformatory, reform school, pound, brig, prison, cage, manacle, jailhouse, cooler, harness, cell, dungeon, stronghold, vise, Alcatraz, bastille, San Quentin, collar, shackle, penal colony, keep, lockup, penitentiary, jug, gaol.
punishment device (noun)
electric chair, torture chamber, captivity, gallows, whip, rawhide, stocks, block, cane, strap, stake, cowhide, rod, thumbscrew, ax, rack, scaffold, gas chamber, guillotine, noose, solitary confinement, gibbet, birch rod, bull whip, rope, maiden, thong, truncheon, whipping post, lash, iron, switch.


punish (verb)
castigate, avenge, persecute, torture, try, Keelhaul, penalize, agonize, imprison, crucify, chasten, anguish, execute, distress, lambaste, incarcerate, correct, punish, discipline, afflict, confine, burden, chastise, sentence, reprise, fine, judge.
shame (verb)
humiliate, discomfit, mock, ostracize, debunk, show up, disgrace, expose, ridicule.
slander (verb)
calumniate, denigrate, defame, badmouth, discredit, stigmatize, traduce, malign, besmirch, besmear, libel, smear, denounce, tarnish, scandalize, vilify, dishonor, slander, blacken, detract, sully, shame.
social (verb)

Other synonyms:

decry, lambast. bash, condemn. jab. slate. Other relevant words:
condemn, beating, jab, bash, slate, flog, decry, hiding, flogging, savage, lambast.