Synonyms for Rendering:


bitumen, board, realization, boarding, asbestos, cement, performing arts, brick, performance, execution, aggregate, caulk, adobe, brownstone. evergreen, all-star, debut, off-screen, interpretive, paraphrase, guest, restatement, words, interpretative, bankable, live. fluency, bilingual, encode, fidelity, fluent, code switching, anglophone, communicative competence, false beginner. communication (noun)
drama (noun)
comedy, burlesque, panorama, scene, mime, improvisation, drama, skit, excitement, vaudeville, variety, art, pantomime, ballet, mystery, melodrama, characterization, teleplay, improvisational drama, choreography, show, pageant, presentation, theater, tragedy, broadway, production, spectacle, suspense.
drawing (noun)
doodle, masterpiece, still life, sketch, portrait, plan, landscape, study, charcoal, diagram, pastel, Water color, blueprint, tracing, painting.
interpretation (noun)
performance, translation, rendition, execution, realization.
paraphrase (noun)
restatement, version, rephrasing.
plan (noun)
rendering (noun)
interpretation, interpreting, Interlingual Rendition, rendition, version, translation.
representation (noun)
copy, image, silhouette, figurine, model, illustration, idol, statue, effigy, likeness, metaphor, approximation, drawing, depiction, photograph, pastiche, duplication, miniature, bust, replica, portrayal, cast, cartoon, outline, analogy, imitation, facsimile, snapshot, picture, representation, impression, carving.


drawing (verb)
Sketching, doodling.
giving (verb)
lending, Devoting, helping, Attributing, assigning, Assisting, paying, Allotting, Lavishing, awarding, Dispensing, sharing, Allowing, sending, Disbursing, Delivering, Providing, contributing, serving, Donating, Showering, Furnishing, Ascribing, funding, supplying, Doling, expending, rationing, Pledging, Bequeathing, Consigning.
interpreting (verb)
interpreting, reporting, Transcribing, Paraphrasing, Explaining, Elucidating, rephrasing, Translating, condensing, decoding, Deciphering, restating, annotating, Commenting, Analyzing.
offering (verb)
imparting, approaching, Extending, advancing, inviting, Bestowing, Endowing, Citing, offering, giving, Granting, Quoting, dealing, issuing, Biding, Attempting, Submitting, Presenting, Tendering.
representing (verb)
copying, Aping, modeling, replicating, Simulating, mocking up, Outlining, Duplicating, portraying, Photographing, Illustrating, depicting, Approximating, representing, casting, Imitating, silhouetting.

Other synonyms:

paraphrase, restatement. performance, realization, execution. Other relevant words:
translation, execution, performance, version, paraphrase, realization, Interlingual Rendition, restatement, interpretation, rendition.

Usage examples for rendering

  1. " I hope that we shall both forget this unhappy morning and that you will give me an opportunity of rendering to you in person, the apologies which are due to you. – The Clue of the Twisted Candle by Edgar Wallace
  2. All these play their part in determining a condition of the horn, rendering it open to receive the effects of the more exciting causes which we shall next consider. – Diseases of the Horse's Foot by Harry Caulton Reeks
  3. It should be borne in mind that the improvement in the National Guard by Federal support begun in 1920 has definitely strengthened our national security by rendering them far more effective than ever heretofore. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various