Synonyms for Removing:


carrying (verb)
conveying, shifting, transmitting, Expressing, Delivering, sending, Transporting, bearing, hauling, Carrying, Transferring, moving, carting.
excluding (verb)
disqualifying, Disallowing, Eradicating, Repudiating, Renouncing, Denying, Proscribing, banning, forbidding, Ignoring, Prohibiting, relegating, barring.
extracting (verb)
withdrawing, drawing, Excavating, Extricating, Extracting.
killing (verb)
executing, purging, putting down, Assassinating, putting to sleep, Drowning, suffocating, Smiting, Snuffing, doing in, slaying, butchering, Exterminating, Dispatching, Murdering, Slaughtering, smothering, strangling, doing away with, Massacring, Liquidating, icing, hanging, Sacrificing, chilling, asphyxiating.
secluding (verb)
ousting, Ejecting, Ostracizing, confining, Excommunicating, isolating, Cloistering, Disbarring, cordoning, Blackballing, Excluding, Insulating, Expatriating, Deporting, Detaching, Eliminating, expelling, Extirpating, screening, alienating, Sequestering, Closeting, Segregating, Banishing, Extraditing, Exiling, blacklisting, Separating, Boycotting, Rejecting, Secluding, Evicting.
separating (verb)
paring, disassembling, Dissociating, cutting, Divorcing, ungluing, severing, disaffiliating, dividing, Disuniting, Amputating, axing, estranging, breaking, Disengaging, Sundering, slicing, Incising, Disassociating, ripping, dismantling, Dissecting, Disjoining, cleaving, rending, Halving, Excising, unhinging, uncoupling, Bisecting, parting, splitting, unfixing, Disconnecting, Disintegrating, fragmenting.

Usage examples for Removing

  1. In my belief, she is acting as becomes an honest woman in removing herself from any further communication with you. – The Two Destinies by Wilkie Collins
  2. It was the combination of my removing the bag and our entering the station at the same instant which gave the Princess Zichy the chance she wanted to rob me. – In the Fog by Richard Harding Davis
  3. Will you oblige me by removing it? – The Red Cockade by Stanley J. Weyman