Synonyms for Diagram:


coordinate, bell curve, cross-section, axis, curve, bar graph, block graph. bar chart (noun)
bar graph.
diagram (noun)
drawing (noun)
illustration, plan, doodle, landscape, scene, rendering, cartoon, study, picture, pastel, Water color, charcoal, tracing, portrait, sketch, painting, still life, blueprint, masterpiece, depiction, drawing.
drawing, sketch of form or plan (noun)
chart, blueprint, layout, description, design.
sketch (noun)
description, design, chart, layout.


creation (verb)

Other synonyms:

cross-section, bar graph, block graph, design, bell curve. coordinate. axis, curve. graph
Other relevant words:
curve, plot, description, layout, chart, blueprint, coordinate, design, axis.

Usage examples for diagram

  1. This trouble may be saved by beginning with " No m are y", as in Diagram b. – Symbolic Logic by Lewis Carroll
  2. Compare with the diagram opposite, and note the flatnesses that give strength to the forms. – The Practice and Science Of Drawing by Harold Speed