Synonyms for Plot:


planning, preparation, agreement, tactic, arrangements, strategy. climax, acreage, enactment, conservation area, belt, movement, suspense, dry land, border, enclosure, story line, unfolding, denouement, progress, claim, development, outline, corridor, conservancy. aside, action, comic relief, content, land, the credits, act, ad lib, backstory. happen, cross out, highlight, stamp, mark, underscore, check, words, underline, scribble, star. grave, cemetery, gravestone, collusion, connivance, burial ground, dolmen, graveside, graveyard, headstone, barrow, churchyard, planned. atlas, boundary, contour, grid, globe, grid reference, cartography. connive, conspire, collude, be in league with someone, get ideas, hatch. relate, narrate, dine out on, retell, spin, swap stories, mythologize, storyteller, weave. area (noun)
quarter, locality, precinct.
calculation (noun)
evaluation, division, method, inference, deduction, reckoning, supposition, algebra, estimation, system, measurement, thought, presumption, enumeration, approximation, calculus, computation, multiplication, algorithm, quantification, triangulation, consideration, valuation, calculation, arithmetic, judgement, conclusion, mathematics, appraisal, statistics, assessment, determination.
cognition (noun)
game, secret plan.
conspiracy (noun)
collusion, cabal, treachery, conspiracy, intrigue.
enclosure (noun)
intention (noun)
design, premeditation.
land (noun)
piece of land (noun)
plan (noun)
expectation, arrangement, idea, conception, contrivance, anticipation, coordination, proposition, intention, invention, aim, blueprint, premeditation.
plan, scheme (noun)
intrigue, machination, maneuver, artifice, trick, cabal, fix, game, collusion, connivance, stratagem, device, ruse, contrivance, frame, conspiracy, design.
plot (noun)
patch, diagram, secret plan, plat, plot of ground.
prose (noun)
legend, chronicle, fable, allegory, romance, saga, parable, prose, anecdote, scenario, storyline, novel, recount, episode, prosaicness, narrative, short story, myth, tale, retelling, yarn, reminiscence, reading matter, fiction, epic, plainness, serial, novella, story.
region (noun)
nation, region, neighborhood, circuit, earldom, parcel, locality, dukedom, municipality, borough, duchy, bailiwick, field, shire, town, riding, city, commonweal, zone, province, area, beat, empire, state, domain, county, canton, quarter, territory, colony, tract, realm, district, precinct, country, lot, sector, kingdom.
story line (noun)
scenario, enactment, scheme, narrative, outline, development, progress, unfolding, story, structure, action, movement, suspense.
stratagem (noun)
dodge, wrinkle, feint, pitfall, stratagem, ploy, trick, trick of the trade, artifice, device, trap, trickery, Trojan Horse, tactics, machination, deception, game, maneuver, subterfuge, ruse.
tract of land (noun)
plat, patch, lot, division, area, parcel, acreage, land.


calculate (verb)
weigh, rank, evaluate, total, rate, gauge, score, sum, consider, schedule, quantify, assess, scheme, compute, enumerate, figure, think, infer, count, deduce, add, approximate, quantize, systematize, multiply, value, judge, conclude, appraise, surmise, estimate, suppose, measure, study, guess, rationalize, divide, tally, program, reckon, presume, triangulate, plan, calculate, account, determine.
map out; draw (verb)
calculate, mark, chart, compute.
order (verb)
devise, mediate, maintain, harmonize, integrate, pigeonhole, schematize, cast, establish, design, normalize, arrange, fix, type, place, subordinate, organize, chart, categorize, shape, form, right, marshal, sort, prepare, grade, separate, control, set, structure, array, unsnarl, order, compose, stratify, adjust, class, regulate, frame, screen, stabilize, settle, classify, sift, support, collate, Methodize, group, balance, orchestrate, unify.
plan (verb)
contrive, conceive, premeditate, coordinate, expect, propose, anticipate, intend, invent.
plan, scheme (verb)
collude, conceive, conspire, devise, contrive, hatch, connive.

Other synonyms:

cross out, conspire, tactic, retell, story line, preparation, storyteller, dine out on, enclosure, connivance, planning, mythologize, strategy, connive. hatch, narrate, agreement, scribble, underscore, relate. underline. action, highlight. stamp, star. mark. check. spin. conspire
Other relevant words:
act, words, underline, narrate, corridor, backstory, conservancy, connivance, progress, content, dolmen, check, happen, collude, enactment, atlas, preparation, graveside, boundary, arrangements, planning, acreage, tactic, action, patch, headstone, churchyard, land, spin, collusion, connive, scribble, unfolding, gravestone, contour, movement, cemetery, denouement, development, barrow, conspire, plat, graveyard, mark, star, globe, retell, claim, hatch, secret plan, climax, agreement, diagram, enclosure, highlight, plot of ground, storyteller, strategy, mythologize, belt, relate, cartography, underscore, weave, grid, outline, suspense, planned, border, burial ground, stamp, grave, aside.

Usage examples for plot

  1. It seemed evident now to her that the whole plot had been contrived among them. – The Living Link by James De Mille
  2. Do you think he had any knowledge of this plot of his father's? – Donal Grant by George MacDonald