Synonyms for Demonstration:


venture, activity, deed, move, thing, course, act, operation, action. explanation, anarchy, agriterrorism, agitation, apostasy, 77, barricade, civil disobedience, bioterrorism, boycott, 911. the color of someone's money, pointer, sign, suggestion, sit in, protest, march, smoking gun, mark. true, terms of reference, directions, briefing, testament, warrant, brief, Guidelines, verification, cue, instructions, testimonial. act (noun)
manifestation, presentment, presentation.
demonstration (noun)
show, presentment, demo, presentation, expose, monstrance, manifestation.
display of belief in cause by taking public action (noun)
march, protest.
display of proof (noun)
expression, proof, explanation, presentation, validation, exhibition, testimony, substantiation, confirmation, show, evidence, manifestation, illustration.
evidence (noun)
determination, connotation, fact, illustration, counter-evidence, documentation, exemplification, corroboration, deposition, indication, testimony, certification, information, support, statement, specimen, exhibit, data, quotation, authentication, confirmation, observation, validation, declaration, attestation, substantiation, establishment.
manifestation (noun)
exposure, display, exhibition, manifestation, disclosure, showing, proof, discernibility, materialization, appearance, revelation, incarnation, expression, evidence, presentation, embodiment, staging, symptom, unfolding.
testament (noun)


protest (verb)
sit in.

Other synonyms:

suggestion, activity, venture, deed, terms of reference, Guidelines, explanation, smoking gun. pointer, briefing, verification, action, course, testament, cue, operation, protest, move, testimonial. sign, warrant, thing. act. mark. brief. Other relevant words:
explanation, march, presentment, testimonial, activity, boycott, protest, monstrance, venture, testament, operation, smoking gun, sign, display, thing, act, action, verification, mark, Guidelines, warrant, brief, demo, course, suggestion, briefing.

Usage examples for demonstration

  1. " He was giving me a demonstration I thought. – Autobiography of a YOGI by Paramhansa Yogananda
  2. De Boississe took little by his demonstration – Project Gutenberg History of The Netherlands, 1555-1623, Complete by John Lothrop Motley