Synonyms for Intonation:


aspiration, affricate, consonant, closed syllable, close vowel, aspirate, bilabial, assonance, alveolar. tone, accent, tone of voice, sounds. articulation (noun)
communication (noun)
modulation, pitch contour.
inflection (noun)
modulation, accent, tone, pitch pattern, tone of voice, enunciation, sound, pronunciation, articulation.
intonation (noun)
modulation, chanting, pitch contour.
timbre (noun)
voice (noun)
emission, speech, moan, voice, pronunciation, utterance, groan, murmur, whisper, cry, articulation, exclamation, enunciation.

Other synonyms:

accent. tone. Other relevant words:
sound, pitch contour, aspirate, bilabial, accent, alveolar, chanting, aspiration, tone of voice, sounds, consonant, assonance, affricate, modulation, tone.

Usage examples for intonation

  1. " I propose to stay with you and lend a hand," said I. " You are a brave man," he returned, with a peculiar intonation – New-Arabian-Nights by Stevenson, Robert Louis
  2. " Pardon," I repeated, with even a more humble intonation than before, for she did not speak and I hardly knew how to begin the conversation. – The Millionaire Baby by Anna Katharine Green