Synonyms for Calling:


crying (adjective)
shouting, moaning, howling, exclaiming, crying, screaming, shrieking, growling, sobbing, bawling, Whooping, hollering, groaning, yelling, clamoring, cheering.
ululating (adjective)
chattering, crowing, trilling, Cackling, cooing, yelping, Purring, honking, Cawing, growling, Clucking, meowing, snorting, Baying, Squawking, crying, Chirping, Warbling, Bleating, Mewing, Neighing, bawling, Mooing, bellowing, Quacking, Barking, Whinnying, howling, Twitting, Gobbling, Braying, Hooting, squealing, Snarling, grunting, roaring, Ululating.


ambition, dynamism, will, drive, energy, aspiration, motivation, resolve, perseverance, determination. consultancy, desire, chore, desk job, baby, busywork, Child Labor, dead-end job, cover, day job, mission. line, pursuit, racket, employ, action. act (noun)
career, vocation.
business (noun)
exchange, company, management, career, livelihood, station, employment, market, negotiation, busy work, holding, retailing, transaction, affair, business, industry, enterprise, position, profession, barter, corporation, merchant, activity, assignment, commerce, selling, interest, occupation, job, commission, venture, vocation, establishment, trade, service, partnership, concern, labor, proprietorship, practice, firm, specialty, posting, consortium, situation.
calling (noun)
career, vocation.
chosen profession (noun)
business, mission, vocation, line, occupation, career, pursuit, trade, racket, employment.
occupation (noun)


crying (verb)
hollering, groaning, Whooping, clamoring, sobbing, growling, howling, yelling, moaning, shrieking, shouting, exclaiming, crying, screaming, cheering, bawling.
naming (verb)
Designating, Labeling, christening, naming, identifying, Terming, Titling, Tagging.
ululating (verb)

Other synonyms:

day job, dead-end job, desk job, Child Labor, busywork. chore, consultancy. racket. baby. cover. line. vocation

Usage examples for calling

  1. With all three of them the making of money had been the great calling of life. – What's Mine's Mine V1 by George MacDonald
  2. Do I hear some one calling my name? – The Grey Cloak by Harold MacGrath
  3. Batouch's voice was calling her. – The Garden Of Allah by Robert Hichens