Synonyms for Cutting:


abrasive (adjective)
all (adjective)
raw, stinging, bleak, edged.
mordant (adjective)
nasty, hateful (adjective)
stinging, biting, acrimonious, sarcastic, crisp, pointed, piercing, raw, severe, caustic, scathing, penetrating, barbed, sharp, hurtful, trenchant, bitter, acerbic.
offensive (adjective)
painful (adjective)
disagreeable, irritating, agonizing, woeful, offensive, burdensome, annoying, harrowing, biting, stinging, inflaming, chafing, severe, excruciating, Besetting, horrendous, acute, odious, oppressive, sore, withering, Gnawing, unpleasant, grueling, uncomfortable, aggravating, trying, aching, Torturing., painful, Cramping, cruel, unbearable, throbbing, wrenching, piercing, smarting, distressful, miserable, insufferable, grievous, anguishing, troublesome, bitter, tormenting, crushing, stabbing, hurtful, Irksome, bothersome, arduous.
sharp (adjective)
prickly, razor-edged, sagittal, needle-point, spiky, bristly, barbed, acute, thorny, jagged, needle-like, spinous, spiny, spear-like, pointed, Thistly, spiked, keen, pointy, sharp, knifelike.
shrill (adjective)
penetrating, squeaky, whining, scraping, jangling, shrieking, scratching, high-pitched, raucous, acute, jarring, shrill, screaming, rasping, grating, piercing, strident, squealing, Caterwauling, whistling, screeching, ear-piercing, creaky, treble, harsh, reedy, hoarse.


artwork, announcement, article, cartoon, centerfold, advice column, banner headline, byline, classified ad, cheesecake. blade, trenchant, truculent, scathing, corrosive, bur, mordacious, beanstalk, bract, anther, acidic, respect, bud, aerial root, attack, boll, mordant, bulb, vitriolic. concussion, bruise, bruising, fracture, injury, wound, self-injury, sprain, scrape, loss. chasm, cave, cavern, crevasse, crevice, pothole, rift, gully, fissure, ditch. act (noun)
cut, film editing.
biting (noun)
sarcastic, study at incisive.
castration (noun)
castration, emasculation.
cutting (noun)
cutting off, lancinating, carving, keen, bleak, lancinate, raw, sharp, slip, cut, newspaper clipping, unkind, cold, piercing, stinging, edged, press clipping, press cutting, thinning, film editing, stabbing, clipping, knifelike.
groove (noun)
plant (noun)


allotting (verb)
Portioning, Allowing, setting, dealing, measuring, sharing, allocating, assigning, Earmarking, giving, Distributing, apportioning, Dispensing, partitioning, segmenting, Meting, parceling, Allotting, budgeting, rationing.
castrating (verb)
Castrating, gelding, Emasculating, Sterilizing, unmanning, spaying.
cheapening (verb)
degrading, belittling, marking down, slashing, deflating, devaluating, devaluing, Cheapening, debasing.
diluting (verb)
thinning, Attenuating, Diluting.
grooving (verb)
fluting, grooving, Channeling, Furrowing, Corrugating, digging, Rutting.
halving (verb)
forking, tearing, Rupturing, Slitting, fissuring, branching, bifurcating.
notching (verb)
cracking, Indenting, Gashing, Notching, Chinking, scoring, Nicking, serrating.
obliterating (verb)
censoring, striking, Annulling, expunging, editing, Erasing, Omitting, obliterating, Canceling, annihilating, Eradicating, Expurgating.
portioning (verb)
Dismembering, chunking, Piecing, Subdividing, compartmentalizing, zoning.
rejecting (verb)
Discharging, erupting, shearing, emitting, Jilting, venting, Denying, Excluding, clipping, Sniping, Oppugning, Disgorging, Ejaculating, Checking, Ejecting, belching, Culling, barring, Excising, Trashing, Evacuating, blacklisting, shedding, vomiting, Discarding, exuding, Eliminating, Lopping, junking, excreting, Chopping, Cropping, Spewing, disapproving, Disallowing, deep-sixing, Curtailing, Disclaiming, draining, exhausting, Rejecting, Blackballing, jettisoning, Abandoning, seeping, Secreting.
separating (verb)
Bisecting, breaking, disassembling, Amputating, Disintegrating, Dissecting, Incising, ripping, alienating, unfixing, uncoupling, dividing, slicing, rending, Halving, Disjoining, Removing, ungluing, fragmenting, Dissociating, estranging, Disuniting, Divorcing, Separating, unhinging, Disconnecting, severing, cleaving, disaffiliating, Sundering, axing, parting, Segregating, Disassociating, Insulating, Detaching, dismantling, Disengaging, splitting.
subtracting (verb)
lessening, Discounting, Eliding, Deleting, trimming, shaving, Abridging, docking, paring, depreciating, decreasing, Deducting, pruning, Subtracting, diminishing, lowering, Bobbing, reducing, Weeding.

Other synonyms:

backhanded, acidic, the Beaufort scale, gusty, trenchant, CODED, gale-force, mordacious, allusive. corrosive, mordant, vitriolic, scathing, cheap. easterly, following. truculent. east. force. scornful
Other relevant words:
cut, edged, knifelike, sarcastic, trenchant, cold, scathing.

Usage examples for cutting

  1. Cutting off the giant's head, he threw it out the window. – Dutch Fairy Tales for Young Folks by William Elliot Griffis
  2. It is all a question of finding a way of cutting put these four square pieces exactly the right size. – Amusements in Mathematics by Henry Ernest Dudeney
  3. " Down the railway cutting – The Head Girl at the Gables by Angela Brazil