Synonyms for Truancy:


attend, entrance, truantry, enrollment, attendance, board, audit, absenteeism, cut, enroll, drop out. absence (noun)
vacuity, absence, want, abstraction, nonexistence, omission, emptiness, lack, void, vacancy.
escape (noun)
emigration, elusion, getaway, circumvention, breakout, evasion, escape.
hooky (noun)
truancy (noun)
unexcused absence (noun)
truantry, hooky, cut.

Other synonyms:

truantry. Other relevant words:
cut, truantry, absenteeism, hooky.

Usage examples for truancy

  1. Even now, though his truancy had landed him in a very lively lawsuit, he was glad enough to slink back through the stinging comments to the security of authority; and his bellows of exasperation under reproof were half pretence. – The Firing Line by Robert W. Chambers
  2. And at the end of the first half- hour following her truancy she might have yielded to the impulse, pleading the first flimsy excuse which would have purchased an opportunity to reconstruct that hysterically mad minute or two with him whom she had just left a little before in the hedge- gap, had not Miriam Burrell, at the very moment of decision, stung her into realization of what meaning such an act might convey to other less generous minds. – Then I'll Come Back to You by Larry Evans