Synonyms for Probing:


acute (adjective)
penetrating, keen, sensitive, incisive, perceptive, sharp.
curious (adjective)
questioning (adjective)
interrogative, contemplative, questioning, challenging, quizzical, inquisitive, Querying, inquiring.


fact-finding, sensitive, incisive, sharp, microscopic, for future reference, perceptive, under the microscope, diagnostics, keen, penetrating, careful, acute, analytical, searcher. probing (noun)
inquisitory, inquiring, searching.


experimenting (verb)
trying, Proving, Assaying, Checking, researching, verifying, testing, experimenting, Benchmarking, investigating, determining, Analyzing.
feeling (verb)
groping, Responding, Experiencing, fingering, fumbling, touching, Undergoing, feeling, handling, sensing.
questioning (verb)
Delving, Interrogating, challenging, surveying, Disputing, Contemplating, Exploring, Cross-examining, catechizing, Debating, asking, Examining, Quizzing, Polling, Interpolating, canvassing.
requesting (verb)
pleading, inviting, demanding, Petitioning, inquiring, requisitioning, seeking, questioning, Soliciting, Requesting, Querying, wishing, bidding, Desiring, urging, summoning, appealing, wanting.
searching (verb)
prying, winnowing, searching, sifting, peeking, rifling, looking for, Rummaging, Peering, foraging, combing, scouring.

Other synonyms:

searcher, fact-finding, diagnostics, analytical, microscopic. incisive. keen, acute, penetrating. sensitive. perceptive. sharp. Other relevant words:
microscopic, sensitive, diagnostics, sharp, inquisitory, acute, perceptive, keen, fact-finding, penetrating, careful, incisive, searcher, analytical.

Usage examples for probing

  1. His mind- probing had not yet reached an answer to those important questions. – Man of Many Minds by E. Everett Evans
  2. Then he went to a chair, and sat with his chin upon the ledger- desk; as if the effort of probing me had been too much for his weary brain. – Lorna Doone, A Romance of Exmoor by R. D. Blackmore
  3. I left Mr. Jamieson and the day detective going over every inch of the circular staircase, pounding, probing and measuring. – The Circular Staircase by Mary Roberts Rinehart