Synonyms for Curious:


all (adjective)
odd, peculiar, rummy, funny, singular, rum.
curious (adjective)
interested, searching, nosy, agape, peeking, Eavesdropping, overcurious, Peering, questioning, inquisitive, investigative, poking, agog, fascinated, prying, meddlesome, snoopy.
desiring knowledge, understanding (adjective)
investigative, meddlesome, inquisitive, Peering, nosy, prying, interested, questioning, snoopy, searching.
different (adjective)
nonconforming (adjective)
atypical, anomalous, incompatible, funny, outlandish, fey, aberrant, incongruous, exceptional, freakish, misfit, unconventional, un-ordinary, nonconforming, bizarre, eccentric, idiosyncratic, deviant, out of the ordinary, unusual, deranged, odd, crosspatch, oddity, off, extraordinary, novel, untypical, oddball, peculiar, inconsistent, mismatch, strange, singular, abnormal, uncommon, irregular, uncustomary, quirky, erratic, crazy, divergent, improper, different, unfamiliar, unique.
ridiculous (adjective)
comical, ridiculous, dubious, poppycock, absurd, weird, bizarre, outrageous, eccentric, nonsensical, crazy, incredible, farcical, foolish, preposterous, oddball, grotesque, silly, laughable, ludicrous, outlandish.
very odd (adjective)
bizarre, novel, extraordinary, oddball, quaint, unusual, unconventional, exotic, singular, weird, unique, strange, peculiar.


exotic, notable, surprising. beatific, black, absent, bug-eyed, bleak, brooding, appealing, dark, investigate, darkly. curiously, curiosity, inquisitorial, enquiring. kooky, screwball, unnatural, cranky, quaint. curious (noun)
nosey, overcurious, strange, prying, singular, questioning, nosy, rum, funny, peculiar, rummy, interested, snoopy, wondering, speculative, unusual, odd, inquisitive.

Other synonyms:

black, bleak, darkly, appealing, beatific, enquiring, brooding, bug-eyed, dark, inquisitorial, kooky. curiosity, curiously, quaint. absent, cranky, unnatural. Other relevant words:
brooding, bleak, cranky, unnatural, kooky, screwball, rum, black, nosey, curiously, notable, quaint, speculative, exotic, appealing, inquisitorial, curiosity, enquiring, bug-eyed, surprising, rummy, darkly, wondering, beatific.

Usage examples for curious

  1. The children have talked about him so much that I was quite curious to see him. – Lover or Friend by Rosa Nouchette Carey
  2. The thing is very curious – The Magic Skin by Honore de Balzac
  3. Curious is not it? – Doctor Cupid by Rhoda Broughton