Synonyms for Red:


red (adjective)
pink, cerise, madder, wine-colored, copper, cinnabar, flushed, carmine, damask, poppy, cherry, ruddy, maroon, vermilion, brick, magenta, crimson, carnation, ruby, blushing, scarlet, puce.


beet-red, chrome red, old rose, rust, brick red, fuchsia, rose de Pompadour, red-gold, amber, baby blue, bittersweet, aniline red, alabaster, solferino, rose, Bengal red, Congo Red, amethyst, turkey red, Indian ocher, far infrared, candy apple red, geranium lake, Tyrian Purple, bluish, near infrared, garnet, avocado, Nacarat, Morocco red, venetian red, infrared, hyacinth red, carthamus red, terra cotta, azure, beige, chinese-red, alizarin red, black, rose du Barry, russet, caldron, aurora red, claret, Harvard crimson, nacarine, blue, Indian Red, fire engine red, coral-red, rose blush. fair, brunette, Flaxen, auburn, dark, fair-haired, blond. cushion, pocket, billiards, baize, pool, cue ball, bar billiards, cue, frame. the House Un-American Activities Committee, fellow traveler, commie, comrade, the HUAC, the ANC, the labor movement, communist. champagne, chianti, bubbly, bordeaux, cognac, chablis, brandy, burgundy, chardonnay. attribute (noun)
color of blood; shade resembling such a color (noun)
puce, ruddy, claret, bittersweet, rose, magenta, carmine, burgundy, copper, rust, crimson, brick, russet, scarlet, ruby, cerise, cherry, fuchsia, vermilion, pink, infrared, garnet, maroon, flushed.
colors (noun)
bronze, biscuit, apricot, aquamarine, brown, blackness, buff, aqua.
communist (noun)
red (noun)
red-faced, chromatic, ruby, cherry red, cherry, in color, crimson, coloured, reddish, ruby-red, cerise, redness, aflame, scarlet, flushed, reddened, blood-red, colorful, marxist, colored, bolshie, ruddy, bloody, violent, carmine, pinko, bolshevik, red river.

Other synonyms:

rose, communist. reddish
reddish, auburn, rust.
reddish brown

Usage examples for red

  1. Barris spoke as though to himself, but Rip turned red as his hair. – Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet by Harold Leland Goodwin
  2. He grew very red and was silent; presently he said, Well, sir, I do think so. – Lore of Proserpine by Maurice Hewlett
  3. " I think I'll take that red one," said Teddy. – The Counterpane Fairy by Katharine Pyle