Synonyms for Peel:


extract, flush out, dislodge, take off, clear, weed out, get out, take, remove, sweep away. disintegrate, break up, crumble, surface, break, splinter, fall apart, smash, fragment, shatter. blanch, chill, beat, carve, bake, butter, blend, butchery, bone, butcher. core, peelings, pectin, flesh, juice, nectar, dextrose, bruising. covering (noun)
food (noun)
peel (noun)
flake off, peel off, flake, strip down, disrobe, discase, rind, Sir Robert Peel, Robert Peel, undress, uncase, unclothe, strip, pare, skin.
person (noun)
Sir Robert Peel, Robert Peel.


contact (verb)
pare, skin.
divest (verb)
disrobe, undress, denude, unclothe, bare, unclad, divest, strip, expose, shed.
take off outer covering (verb)
strip, skin, flake, pare.

Other synonyms:

pectin, peelings, dextrose. nectar. bruising, flesh. juice. core. Other relevant words:
husk, peeling, nectar, bruising, splinter, skin, dextrose, peelings, crumble, rind, pectin, take off, flesh, discase, surface, uncase, shuck, strip down, flake off, shell, peel off, pare, juice, Robert Peel, Sir Robert Peel, flake.

Usage examples for peel

  1. When made in this manner, no wine should be added, but merely sugar, and a little grated nutmeg or lemon- peel – The Book of Household Management by Mrs. Isabella Beeton