Synonyms for Knowledgeable:


all (adjective)
knowing, well-educated, learned, lettered, well-read.
all-knowing (adjective)
au courant (adjective)
up on.
aware (adjective)
aware, educated (adjective)
sagacious, learned, well-informed, erudite, informed, versed, conversant, lettered, intelligent, au fait, omniscient, acquainted, cognizant, smart, knowing, in the know, sage, clever, bright, experienced, brainy, conscious, sharp, brilliant, sophisticated, wise.
intelligent (adjective)
Comprehending, intelligent, knowing, encyclopedic, erudite, astute, gifted, smart, wise, cogent, canny, brainy, sharp, sagacious, sophisticated, capable, brilliant, profound, genius, bright, worldly, intellectual, clever, perspicacious.
well-informed (adjective)


up-to-date, schooled, in the know, literate, practiced, well-versed, instructed, trained, proficient, au fait, up on, abreast of, cultured, familiar with, sage, familiar with something, well-grounded, conversant, competent, omniscient, cognizant, expert, well-informed, conscious, clued up, awake to something. knowledge, acquainted, advised. ability. knowledgeable (noun)
intimate with, knowing, intimate, educated, knowledgeable about, well-read, enlightened, experienced, lettered, aware, learned, versed, well-educated, informed.

Other synonyms:

au fait, clued up, conscious, omniscient, well-versed. acquainted, well-grounded. advised. acquainted with
familiar with.
informed, versed.
Other relevant words:
conscious, experienced, omniscient, trained, enlightened, au fait, up on, lettered, well-read, well-grounded, aware, well-educated, intimate, knowledge, informed, educated, cognizant, learned, cultured, sage, up-to-date, literate, acquainted, competent, versed, ability, advised, knowledgeable about, intimate with, instructed, schooled, conversant, well-versed, well-informed, practiced, in the know, expert, proficient.

Usage examples for knowledgeable

  1. The kinder more knowledgeable types explained it to them. – Coming of Age: 1939-1946 by John Cox