Synonyms for Border:


edge (adjective)
decoration, ringing, trimming, Rimming, coastal, fringe, boundary, edge, marginal, peripheral, hem, extreme, brim, trim.


Patterning, embellishment, overlay, detailing, decor, ornament, adornment. domain, conservancy, claim, enclosure, corridor, edging, dry land, belt, conservation area, acreage. engulf, enclose, approximate, approach, encircle, rival, challenge, envelop, contain, same, verge on, kettle. port of entry, demarcation, state line, no man's land, line. border (noun)
frame in, abut, butt against, march, frame, edge, boundary line, bound, borderline, surround, adjoin, moulding, butt, butt on, margin, delimitation, skirt, molding, perimeter.
border on (noun)
verge on, approach.
boundary (noun)
outpost, frontier.
boundary; frontier (noun)
march, borderline, marchland, outpost, edge.
contact (noun)
junction, connection, meeting, abutment.
edge (noun)
periphery, sharpness, ring, frontier limit, margin, curb, side, outline, precipice, coast, tip, fence, perimeter.
limit (noun)
fringe, acme, cutoff, limit, extremity, end, brink, bounds, boundary, zenith, apex, restriction, confines, deadline, limitation, edge, terminus, maximum, rim.
line (noun)
location (noun)
delimitation, boundary line, borderline.
outermost edge, margin (noun)
line, bound, end, perimeter, limit, hem, brink, brim, bounds, verge, boundary, skirt, circumference, extremity, periphery, fringe, trimming, rim, trim.
outline (noun)
plan, sketch, framework, profile, representation, circumference, skeleton, drawing, tracing, girth, figure, configuration, wire frame, frame, silhouette, form, delineation.
side (noun)
shank, haunch, shoulder, flank.


bound on; be on the edge (verb)
frame, outline, margin, touch, encircle, adjoin, side, enclose, join, abut, surround, contour, flank.
contact (verb)
meet, join, adjoin, abut, contact, skirt, butt, reach out, connect, surround, touch, ring.
edge (verb)
trace, contour, bound.
limit (verb)
terminate, restrict, restrain.
stative (verb)

Other synonyms:

adornment, decor, acreage, herbaceous border, corridor, flowerbed, port of entry, embellishment, demarcation, ornament, botanical garden, dry land, trim, detailing, marchland, bower, belt, state line, edging, conservancy, decoration, borderland. no man's land, backyard. claim, bed, domain, allotment. neighbor
butt against.
butt on.
vegetable patch
Other relevant words:
frame in, overlay, approximate, backyard, engulf, domain, detailing, conservancy, moulding, borderland, encircle, march, contain, demarcation, delimitation, grounds, molding, same, boundary line, enclose, outpost, adornment, bed, marchland, embellishment, decoration, botanical garden, decor, garden, borderline, allotment, ornament, challenge, envelop, flowerbed, edging, skirt, hem, frontier, state line, claim, corridor, acreage, verge on, rival, line, belt, trim, trimming, enclosure, surround, bower, kettle, Patterning, approach.

Usage examples for border

  1. But did you really go near to the border – The Heather-Moon by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
  2. So I sat down and prepared to measure, from the news in the papers, the depth of the present border on our daily memorial card. – Waiting for Daylight by Henry Major Tomlinson
  3. All this was a rare treat to the family from the lonely cottage on the Border the younger members of which had by that time ascended, through Christian example and improved education, to a high level in the social scale. – Philosopher Jack by R.M. Ballantyne