Synonyms for Around:


encircling (adjective)
near (adjective)
next door.


all (adverb)
close to a place (adverb)
approximately, nearby.
just about (adverb)
just about.
situated on sides, circumference, or in general area (adverb)
about, over, neighboring, throughout.


almost (adverb)
close to.
back (adverb)
backwards, rearward.
nearly (adverb)


at, half-hour, fast, AM. back, concerning, regarding, backward, in connection with something, in relation to, concerned, devoted, as for, rearward, backwards, in/with regard to, approach. fair, precede, What, speculative, maybe, perhaps, conservative, bingo. outside, Against, away, through, up, onward, over, throughout, part. apart, beyond, existing, before, living, alive, after, existent, live, extant, by, along. attached, next door, united, Beside, alongside, close, next to. in, landlocked, surrounding, hedged in with/by, enclosed, inside, in the round. public, available, accessible, seasonal, usable, spare, vacant, on offer, open, going. direct, Into, from all sides, bound for something, forward, oncoming, advancing, across. counterclockwise, cross country, ahead, eastbound, left, clockwise, down, homeward, downwind. revolving, circular, rotary. around (noun)
close to, some, about, or so, round, approximately, just about, roughly, more or less.
surrounding (noun)
here and there, neighboring, nearby, throughout.
worldly (noun)
knowledgeable, experienced, sophisticated.


enclosing (verb)

Other synonyms:

before, left, onward, speculative, fast, clockwise, downwind, perhaps, backwards, backward, along, after, homeward, bingo, across, maybe, fair, outside, enclosed, apart, down, counterclockwise, at, inside, What, beyond, landlocked, AM, eastbound, revolving, away, half-hour, rearward. alive, forward, throughout, conservative, Against, living, existing, in, up, rotary, existent, cross country, ahead. back, extant. circular, over. through. close to
close to.
Other relevant words:
bingo, across, maybe, vacant, spare, experienced, approach, through, inside, existing, live, approximately, What, extant, down, beyond, backward, downwind, left, after, at, knowledgeable, public, Against, existent, direct, advancing, concerned, revolving, precede, enclosed, regarding, AM, close, open, attached, landlocked, surrounding, away, in, going, over, eastbound, living, clockwise, Beside, devoted, seasonal, united, rotary, here and there, oncoming, alive, Into, up, rearward, onward, apart, speculative, accessible, conservative, backwards, perhaps, counterclockwise, half-hour, alongside, available, outside, part, forward, homeward, usable, ahead, circular, nearby, along, throughout, fast, neighboring, about, fair, back, before, sophisticated, by, concerning.

Usage examples for around

  1. Right from around here. – Out Like a Light by Gordon Randall Garrett
  2. The cry was taken up all around him. – Stories of the Prophets (Before the Exile) by Isaac Landman