Synonyms for Sometime:


dead (adjective)


at an indefinite time (adverb)
late, previous, former, quondam, erstwhile, someday, once.


ascent, acquire, beggar, in a time to come, descend, bankrupt, someday, comedown, come out, climb, in the future, disestablish. precede, previous, last, late, here, Until, when, Whenever, old, This, before, all, Whilom, then. sometime (noun)
quondam, erstwhile, once, past, former, onetime.

Other synonyms:

Whilom, then, Whenever. Until, This. when, here, last. past, all, before. previous, late. Other relevant words:
Until, disestablish, bankrupt, old, This, descend, previous, last, acquire, erstwhile, before, when, Whenever, beggar, here, then, precede, comedown, in the future, Whilom, once, late, climb, someday, all, ascent.

Usage examples for sometime

  1. " Sometime he said, and went back into his smithy. – Flemish Legends by Charles de Coster