Synonyms for Anon:


later (adverb)


CCTV, abbreviation, av, CF, bpi, acronym, B, apt, CAPT. in the short run/term, close, shortly, at the earliest/first opportunity, around the corner, imminent, any day/moment etc. now, just, in no time (at all).

Other synonyms:

bpi, acronym, abbreviation, CCTV, CAPT, av, apt, CF. B. Other relevant words:
av, close, CCTV, CAPT, CF, just, B, apt, shortly, acronym, imminent, abbreviation, bpi.

Usage examples for ANON

  1. And anon there to be a small wood, and again a wood; and oft the quietness of great and strange trees, that did stand alone. – The Night Land by William Hope Hodgson
  2. Then we cheered him, and returning thanks for thanks, we went to breakfast, but in the distance we could see the Red Cross upon the white background, floating in tragic isolation, above a waggon, which was stopping ever and anon at places where we knew our shells had broken. – The Siege of Mafeking (1900) by J. Angus Hamilton
  3. Lionel was very quiet, saying little, but ever and anon with a careful hand drawing Lady Esmondet or Vaura's wraps around them, not that the night, or rather morning, was cold but Vaura had danced so often and there had been so much of excitement in the night for her, and besides it was delightful to him to have her at last near him where he could feel her presence and know that the others were all away; to feel that when his hand touched her cheek, neck, or arm in his loving care in keeping her from the night air, that she did not shrink from his touch, but rather leaned to it. – A Heart-Song of To-day by Annie Gregg Savigny