Synonyms for Temporary:


acting (adjective)
operating, alternate, surrogate, pro tem, performing, deputy, practicing, working, functioning, acting.
all (adjective)
expedient (adjective)
fugacious (adjective)
lasting only a short while (adjective)
momentary, provisional, substitute, for the time being, passing, pro tem, stopgap, mortal, fleeting, brief, unfixed, pro tempore, evanescent, shifting, interim, makeshift, alternate, ad interim, changeable, transitory, summary, unstable, acting, overnight, ephemeral, impermanent, transient, volatile, perishable, fugacious, short-lived.
stopgap (adjective)
substitute (adjective)
transient (adjective)
instantaneous, fading, transient, mutable, momentary, cursory, flickering, restless, evanescent, passing, mortal, temporal, brief, short-term, fleeting, impermanent, transitory, short-lived, Flitting, fickle, changeable, shifting, volatile, rootless, ephemeral.


auxiliary, creative, budding, designate, emeritus, blue-collar, casual. fleet, compatibility, continue, asynchronous, active, best-of-breed, clickable, bursty, backward-compatible, compatible, case-sensitive, time, Antivirus. floating, short-range, variable, provisional, inconstant. substitute, ad interim. temporary (noun)
irregular, part-time, pro tempore, visiting, fly-by-night, episodic, terminable, interim, pro tem, impermanent, evanescent, working, fugacious, ephemeral, transient, guest, passing, makeshift, temporal, transitory, acting, improvised, short-lived, jury-rigged.
transitory (noun)
on the fly, on the wing, Unenduring, unstable, summary, overnight, for the time being, here today and gone tomorrow, on the go, unfixed, perishable, stopgap, provisional, substitute.

Other synonyms:

inconstant, short-range, floating. variable. fleet. temporary
provisional, ad interim.

Usage examples for temporary

  1. In vain the palatine combated these arguments, showing the vain quiet such a peace might afford, by declaring it could only be temporary – Thaddeus of Warsaw by Jane Porter
  2. " Surely you would not wish her to dance them away," said Mrs. Wilson; " such relief I am afraid will prove temporary – Precaution by James Fenimore Cooper
  3. You were not brought up to it; it was just temporary and besides-" " And besides, there was Mr. Wilmington, I know. – Annie Kilburn A Novel by W. D. Howells